Delicious thick soup - Moldovan chorba with beans

Chorba (ciorbă) - the first hot dish, shurpa type soup; a common name for national Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Moldovan, Turkish, Albanian and Macedonian hot thick soups. As a rule, the share of the liquid part of such soups (from a quarter to half) is boiled kvass (it is usually made from wheat bran, but you can use the usual one). However, everyone does not like it that way because of individual preferences and digestive characteristics. There are also known variants of Moldovan chorba without kvass, which can easily be replaced with natural vinegar or lemon juice (we will tell about them). So often prepare the townspeople.

Moldovan hornbeam can be cooked from different types of meat. In the choruba necessarily include onions, carrots, if possible - the root of parsley and celery, tomatoes or tomato paste, as well as various spicy fragrant greens (dill, parsley, basil, lyubovok, coriander, tarragon). As replacements and seasonal components use beans (including pods), potatoes, sweet peppers, cabbage, rice, and recently - and corn (young or canned).

In chorbu lay fresh, in no case not fried, if possible young vegetables. This method of cooking is fundamentally more healthy. It is this principle of chorba for the better differ from Ukrainian borsch and other soups filling type.

Moldovan chorba with beans from veal or young lamb



Meat, cut (or chopped) by small pieces, we put in a pan with peeled rhizomes, onions (whole), bay leaf, pepper-peas and a clove. Fill all with water and bring to a boil, then reduce the fire and cook, gently removing the noise and fat, almost until ready (that is, within 40 minutes). In the middle of the process, we add carrots, sliced ​​relatively large.

At this time we prepare the rest of the products. At the bean pods, remove the tips and cut each into 3 parts. After the specified time, we remove the meat broth from the meat broth (and throw out) everything except meat and carrots. Now we put potatoes, sliced, and chopped beans into a pot. Cook for 10-15 minutes, then add the chopped cabbage and sweet pepper. We cook for another 8-10 minutes. We put tomatoes, sliced, and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Now you can add boiled kvass, but we will do otherwise. Pour the finished chorbu into deep plates or soup cups, add chopped finely greens and chopped garlic. It is very desirable to use basil and lovage. Season with red pepper. In each plate add 1 tbsp. spoon of lemon juice. It is possible to taste to taste chorbu natural fruit vinegar - too will be delicious. You can serve sour cream separately, as well as bread, a glass of rakia or divina (a local strong grape alcoholic drink like brandy or cognac) or a glass of table wine.

You can also prepare a delicious chorbu from pork or from any poultry meat. The process of preparation and the proportions of the ingredients are almost the same. When using dry beans (white or colored) instead of young green beans soaked in the evening and separately cooked until ready, and then add to the chorbus in the final stages of cooking in the right amount.