Cream for acne - rating of the best drugs and home remedies

The formation of purulent acne on the face rarely leads to physical inconveniences, but there is always psychological discomfort. When a skin rash appears on the face, you can go to the pharmacy and purchase a cream from acne. In order for the product to have the desired effect, one should choose it taking into account the cause of the appearance of skin rashes.

Acne - Causes

Skin rashes can be caused by internal and external problems. Dermatologists distinguish such basic reasons why acne appears:

  1. Hormonal changes. At women during puberty, during pregnancy and in the beginning of a menstrual cycle there are hormonal fluctuations. The skin becomes more oily, which promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
  2. Improper skin care. With frequent facial cleansing with the help of cosmetology, the natural protective layer is broken, and the skin begins to produce an increased amount of fat.
  3. Excessive layer of cosmetics. With sensitive and oily dermis, powder and foundation creams clog pores and promote the reproduction of microbes.
  4. Medications. Hormonal and steroid drugs, antibiotics and potent drugs can be sources of skin problems, causing inflammation and acne.
  5. Irrational nutrition. A large number of sweets, oily, smoked, salted and artificial foods contribute to weakening of immunity, intestinal blockage and deterioration of the skin.
  6. Diseases. Diseases of the digestive and endocrine systems can be accompanied by a rash on the face and an increase in the fat content of the skin.

Acne Cream

Before you buy a cream from acne on the face in the pharmacy, it is important to clarify its composition. Pharmacological means will be effective if it includes such components:

  1. Acids: azelaic, koyeva, salicylic. They reduce inflammation, cleanse and heal the skin.
  2. Vegetable oils: olive, eucalyptus, calendula, lavender. Saturate the skin with nutrients and clean it.
  3. Sulfur and camphor. These substances disinfect the skin and clean.
  4. Zinc oxide. It has drying and cleaning effect.
  5. Anti-inflammatory substances: dimethylfulfoxide, retinoids. Reduce inflammation, pain, itching.
  6. Hyaluron. Promotes moisturizing of the skin.
  7. Extracts of plants: tea tree, green tea, arnica. Deduce toxins from the skin, reduce pores.

Cream for acne with antibiotics

If the main source of problems on the face are bacteria, dermatologists can prescribe antibiotic therapy. It may include injections, tablets or topical preparations. Popular antibiotic ointments include:

  1. Baziron - gel or cream from acne on the face, based on benzoyl peroxide. The drug is active against most bacteria that cause acne and acne. In addition, it helps exfoliate the cells of the skin, moisturizes and softens it, reduces the fat content of the skin, relieves inflammation.
  2. Zinerit - gel, produced on the basis of erythromycin and zinc. In a short time he heals acne, relieves inflammation.
  3. Tetracycline is based on ciprofloxacin. To get the result you will have to wait at least a month.
  4. Azel with azelaic acid. Eliminates acne caused by bacteria.

Cream for acne with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is widely used in cosmetology and dermatology. It includes a large amount of water, so it is easily perceived by the body. Hyaluronic acid has such positive properties:

With the introduction of hyaluronic acid as an injection, it smoothes out wrinkles and moisturizes the skin. The use of hyaluronic acid in creams and gels can help fight acne and acne. There are such external preparations with hyaluronic acid for the treatment of acne:

Cream for pimples with sulfur

If there is a need to buy an inexpensive cream for acne, you can choose a drug based on sulfur. This substance helps to heal inflammation, ripening of abscesses, reduce irritation, fight with tick, increase collagen production. To drugs with sulfur are:

Cream for acne with retinoids

Retinoids are substances that are structural analogues of vitamin A. In dermatology, retinoids are prescribed for the treatment of acne, acne, wrinkles. In therapeutic creams are used different derivatives of retinoids: tretinoin, adapalene, isotretinoin. Although they all have similar properties, each has its own indications for use. Among the creams with retinoids are popular:

  1. Stieva-A with tretinoin - an effective cream for acne on the face, used for dry skin. With oily skin, a gel with tretinoin is suitable. The effect is achieved through the regeneration of the skin. To obtain the result, follow the instructions strictly.
  2. Retasol with isotretinoin. Effective for lowering the fat content of the skin, improving regeneration processes, removing inflammation.
  3. Differin with adapalene. Applicable for fighting acne.

Salicylic Cream for Acne

Soften the epidermis and open the sebaceous glands with salicylic acid. Its application leads to cleansing of the skin and reduction of inflammatory processes. The regenerative abilities of salicylic acid are especially useful for those who often squeeze pimples. After applying ointment or cream with salicylic acid, traces of extruded acne diminish, scars and blemishes become less noticeable. Salicylic acid is available in such preparations:

  1. Salicylic-zinc cream against acne. Dermatologists consider this combination of substances optimal for the treatment of acne. In combination with zinc, salicylic acid is wonderful for pimples, trying not to overdry other skin areas.
  2. Serno-salicylic ointment. It is indicated for the treatment of various skin diseases, acne and acne scars. Ointment, acne, inflammation, without touching the healthy skin are lubricated with ointment.

Cream for acne with zinc

Ointment or cream from black dots and acne with zinc actively removes acne and blackheads. Zinc preparations reduce the fat content of the skin, improve the recovery of the skin, relieve irritation, dry pimples. Zinc is part of many acne remedies as an additional component. The most popular drugs based on zinc are:

Hormonal Cream for Acne

An effective acne cream can contain a complex of antibiotic and a hormone. Hormonal substances enhance the action of the antibiotic, relieving acne and speeding up the healing of skin. You can use hormonal drugs only for the doctor's prescription, which will take into account all contraindications and describe the features of the application. To hormonal drugs against acne are:

Anti-acne Cream - recipes

Before preparing a home cream for acne, you need to choose the most suitable ingredients. Cream is prepared on the basis of herbal infusions, vegetable oils and bee products. To prepare the cream, you can use simple recipes.

The recipe for cream from pimples chamomile


Preparation and use

  1. To prepare the cream pour boiling water daisy, stand for a couple of hours.
  2. After straining in the infusion add melted butter, castor, glycerin and camphor alcohol.
  3. The cream is stored in the refrigerator.
  4. Apply to problem areas of the skin twice a day.

The recipe for an anti-iodine cream


Preparation and use

  1. All components are mixed to a creamy state.
  2. Apply on face twice a day.
  3. The cream is stored for about a month in a cool place.

Cream for acne with aloe

Do not think long, what kind of cream for acne should be done. Home cosmetics with aloe juice have always been distinguished by good medicinal and cosmetological properties. Improve the skin will help such a cream:

Cream for acne based on aloe


Preparation and use

  1. Yolks are ground with honey and warm aloe juice.
  2. The melted wax is mixed with grape seed oil.
  3. Connect the two mixtures, store in the refrigerator.
  4. Cream an irritated dermis twice a day.

Cream for acne with mummies

Home cream from skin problems can be prepared on the basis of mummies:

Cream with mummy recipe


Preparation and use

  1. All components are mixed.
  2. The cream is applied overnight for 7-10 days.

Cream for acne - rating

When treating acne, dermatologists take into account the cause of their appearance. Cream and ointment from acne, effective in one case, may be useless in the treatment of skin problems in another person. If the presence of acne is caused by diseases of the internal organs, then their treatment should be comprehensive. The best cream for acne is a remedy that is maximally matched to the skin problems of a person and takes into account the state of health and possible side reactions.

The best acne cream for everyone is your own, but it can be chosen from the list of the most popular acne creams:

  1. Akriderm Genta is a combined hormonal preparation.
  2. Triderm is a complex drug consisting of an antibiotic and a hormone.
  3. Tretinoin - a cream based on transretinic acid, helps to fight a range of skin problems.
  4. Differin - this cream has established itself as a highly effective remedy for the treatment of skin rashes.
  5. Baziron is a cream that helps to remove skin inflammations, dry out abscesses and prevent their further appearance.