"Cardio high-tech" for weight loss

Training "Cardio high-tech" was invented by Olga Vyazmetinova - world champion in fitness bikini. The girl, focusing on her experience, has created a complex that will quickly lose weight and, most importantly, maintain the elasticity of the skin. The most pleasant thing for many is the duration of the training for losing weight "Cardio high-tech", because it takes only 7 minutes, but every day. The champion claims that in 14 days you can say goodbye to five extra pounds.

Gymnastics "Cardio high-tech"

Before I go directly to the complex, I would like to say about contraindications, it is forbidden to perform exercises for people who have heart problems, blood vessels, hypertension and chronic diseases. Each of the exercises below should be done for a minute, not forgetting to make a break between them, lasting 30 seconds.

Exercises Cardio High-Tech:

  1. Put your feet at shoulder level, bending them slightly at the knees. Perform intensive jogging with a high knee lift, without taking your legs off. Another important point is that during the lead, the back should be level.
  2. Stand up straight and stretch your arms out in front of you, keeping them at shoulder level. The task - do the attacks in the sides, alternating legs. Take care that the body does not fall forward.
  3. PI as in the first exercise. The task - run on the spot, making small steps. Try to achieve maximum intensity. After 15 seconds. turn left without stopping the run, and then, return to the starting position and repeat the same in the other direction.
  4. IP as in the previous exercise. The task - imagine that on the floor are scattered different objects, which must be collected, adding them in one place. Alternate hands: one collects, and another hold on the belt.
  5. Sit with your hands down between your legs. The task is to jump up, raising your hands as high as possible.