Cages for quail - how best to equip the cell?

Handy cells for quails are needed in those farms where they breed such a bird. These birds are small, therefore to their maintenance there are unequivocal requirements which it is necessary to fulfill at arrangement of a dwelling. Then the bird will feel comfortable, less sick and successfully develop.

Cells for quail keeping

When growing birds, they need to guarantee a sufficient amount of light and heat, proper feeding and a cozy home. It is important to know which cells are needed for quails, their size and material of manufacture, which is the recommended variant for planting pets. The bird is very capricious and, in order to get fresh eggs from it, it is important to buy or build a cozy house of your own. For all age groups you need a separate dwelling, in isolated cottages settle:

What cells are better for quails?

Such birds are extremely sensitive to external stimuli. Noises, sharp sounds, light and drafts have a bad effect on their productivity. When choosing a house, it is important to take into account these factors, to correctly choose not only the dimensions, but also the configuration. Cells for growing quails are constructed from various materials: plywood, particle board, metallized mesh, even plastic. Prescriptions for the contents of these birds:

  1. The house is best made of solid material - boards, plywood, galvanized. It should be easily disinfected and washed. The frontal wall, where the drinking bowl and the feeding bowl will be placed, should be netted with three-dimensional cells, so that the animals can stick their heads out in them. At the bottom is a sausage tray.
  2. Cottages for the young from 10 days to 1 month have many tiers, separated by a heating compartment. They are equipped with a nipple drinking system and a waste heat recovery tray.
  3. The nonsushek settle in houses with a sloping bottom at 10 ° C. From the outside, a trough is fixed, into which the eggs are laid. It should be equipped with boards of 10 cm.

Density of planting quails in a cage

It is important to know how many quails can be kept in one cage. This is due to the productivity of the herd. With any configuration of the house, you must adhere to the parameters of landing birds:

  1. The permitted norm is 70-120 heads per 1 m 2 of floor.
  2. Optimal density of planting in the production of hatching eggs is 70 heads per 1 m 2 of floor. In one house there should not be more than 25-30 quail, for one male you need 4-5 females.
  3. In the production of food eggs, the landing frequency is 115-120 birds per 1 m 2 of floor. In this case, the female is kept without males.

Size of cells for quail

The bird must have approximate technical dimensions:

The device of a cell for quail

Convenient configuration of the cell for quail is a wood or galvanized frame, on the front side and on the floor covered with iron mesh. To make it comfortable on the floor, you need to plan the legs in height of 15-30 cm or operate the house as a level of a multi-storey battery. Scheme of the cell for quails:

Dwellings for birds are equipped with feeding systems, drinking bowls, heating. As a basis and for a pallet, it is advisable to use non-thick metal, DSP sheets or plywood. The system of drinkers should be uninterrupted, the feeder to minimize the loss of feed. To ensure that the egg rolling on an inclined bottom does not fall, a groove with a width of up to 10 cm is provided on the outside with a retainer flange.

Cell heating for quails

For a mature quail, an acceptable temperature of +18 - 25 2 C, even at a temperature of +16 2 C, the female can stop egg-laying. In the cool of the birds get lost in a heap, climb one on another and may die. Houses with quails in the cold season should be in a shed with external heating - stove, electric or other. If it is not there, you will need a winter cage for quail, it is equipped with a warmer frame made of wood. As heating, infrared lamps are used , the thermostat will help to equip the most ideal conditions.

Net for quail cells

The bottom of the feathered house is made of a fine mesh, through which rubbish and bird droppings awake, and the birds themselves walk confidently, without risking to injure their legs. Such a bottom helps to quickly and efficiently clean the cells. The choice of material is based on the fact that individuals of what age should be placed in the poultry house. Cells for quail - which cell size to choose:

  1. For nestlings, the floor is constructed from a grid of 10x10 mm, the wire diameter is 0.9-2 mm.
  2. For adult birds, the cell size is 16x24 mm. For walls, it is appropriate to use a mesh size of 32x48 mm.
  3. For adult pets, in order to obtain meat, a good illumination of the house is needed, so the sidewalls are also made out of a grid. Cells are made below the traditional ones, so that the quail moves less and more likely gain weight.

How to make a cage for quail?

To build a cage for quails is easy with their own hands. This is under the power of home masters, armed with minimal tools. Making a cage for quails:

  1. Cut out from the metal mesh billet sidewalls and facades.
  2. With the help of a wooden hammer and a simple adaptation, the mesh bends and takes the form of a cube.
  3. A prefabricated bottom with a bevel under the slope is fixed.
  4. The front part of the cell must necessarily have a slit for rolling eggs.
  5. The door is centered on the end face.
  6. From the galvanized profile, you can make a feeder and equip a nipple drinker inside the cage.