Akhatin snails - care and breeding at home

Snails of ahaatin are very popular, caring for these mollusks attracts people's mousse, but not all beginners are familiar with the intricacies of this case. If you want a long life for an exotic pet, then on the eve of acquiring it, be sure to study the conditions for keeping adults and toddlers, diet, methods of preventing major diseases.

How to equip a terrarium for ahatina?

These mollusks are the inhabitants of the subtropics and suffer in moderate climate even with insignificant cold snaps. Ideal conditions are easiest to create in an enclosed space, so the best way to arrange a terrarium is to use a familiar glass aquarium for fish. It is easy to protect pets from drafts, keep the temperature around 25 ° C around the clock, create a moist environment. Very sensitive creatures are the snails of the ahatina, leaving without proper attention the drive to the death of pets or to a sharp decrease in their activity.

The volume of the terrarium is an average of 10 liters per one adult mollusk. The freer the space in the aquarium, the more exotic pets grow. You will definitely need a lid with holes drilled for ventilation, without it, creatures can escape to the outside. Ideally snail Achatins require a house with a height of 20 cm and a length of 30 cm. It is forbidden to install it in the sun, under open rays mollusks die from dehydration.

What you need for snails ahatin in the terrarium:

  1. The soil in the aquarium is made of soft material - moss sphagnum , coconut substrate.
  2. In the terrarium, you need to purchase several bowls for individual tasks - for a cereal mixture, for calcium-based supplements, for daily meals.
  3. Swimmers make such depths that the ahatines do not accidentally choke.
  4. In a ceramic container, a pet can damage the shell when accidentally dropped, so it's better to buy a plastic device.
  5. We secure the trays firmly so that they do not turn over.
  6. For snails akhatin care is inconceivable without constant quality control of the external environment. Be sure to install an accurate thermometer and a hydrometer in the terrarium.
  7. For cleaning, you need a good separate sponge, which is strictly forbidden to dunk in aggressive detergents or used for other purposes.
  8. Buy and always keep a nearby sprayer filled with clean water.

How to take care of Ahatin at home?

Care for the ahatins consists of a variety of tasks that vary greatly depending on the age of the exotic creatures. Without good hygiene and periodic cleaning of the terrarium, the mollusks may be ill or poorly multiply. Many fans of washing the aquarium try to combine with the bathing of pets, this procedure should be done carefully. It is recommended to replace the shower from the tap by washing with boiled water or by spraying creatures from the spray gun. A hot powerful jet from the shower can harm the Achatins!

Caring for a shell of a snail

There are various reasons that can lead to damage to the shell of the domestic shellfish. In order not to miss the onset of the development of an unpleasant disease, it is necessary to periodically inspect the pet, detect cracks and chips, and take immediate measures to eliminate them. Serious problems will help to solve a specialist or amateur with experience that will be able to fix the sink with the help of non-toxic glue.

Care for the shell of the snail Akhatin:

  1. Strengthen the shell material, making it resistant to mechanical damage, additives with calcium or pounded eggshell.
  2. Small damage in the mouth area is overgrown independently, large splits near the top can be repaired with glue or gypsum. Take care that the glue does not get on the body of ahaatin and does not cause chemical burns.
  3. Aggressive individuals gnaw out pieces of a shell from a neighbor, in this case they need to be cast off or smeared with petroleum jelly, making it insipid.
  4. If the terrarium is not treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, then it starts pincers or fungi, which can cause harm to shells.

How to care for the eggs of snails akhatin?

In the question of how to take care of the eggs of ahaatin, special attention is given to the substrate, which contains the eggs of the mollusk. Keep it always a little bit wet, in a dry environment the fetus will die. Strong moisturizing sometimes harms, if the nest is covered by water, then eggs can rot. Keep the temperature in the aquarium to 28 ° C. Try not to touch the eggs with your fingers, it is easy to damage the tender shell.

How to take care of babies snails Akhatin?

Small home snails of ahaatin in care are simple and do not cause big problems. The average yield of shellfish from eggs is up to 80%. The appearance of toddlers should be expected for 21 days, sometimes this period can last up to 28 days. If the terrarium is spacious, then it is not necessary to set the brood, but if it becomes cramped in close capacity, it is better to make separation in time. To prevent uncontrolled mating, mature individuals at about six months of age are seated.

Feeding ahaatin

Proper feeding of snails akhatin is an important part of caring for these exotic creatures. Many fans are well aware of the list of allowed products, but they do not know the list of fruits and vegetables that can bring cephalopods to the harm. For example, the acid, which is contained in citrus fruits, destroys calcium in the shells. Eating salt is a sure death for ahaatin. It is forbidden to offer snails flour products, sour food, sweet, smoked, fried, sharp and sweet dishes. It is undesirable for akhatin to eat unripe tomatoes or sprouted tubers of potatoes.

What to feed ahatina at home?

Often in the care of ahatine get used to one dish and categorically refuse to eat other vegetables or protein foods. It is advisable to make the table of snails varied, a wide selection of menus helps to get more vitamin products from the foods and useful ingredients. In the question of how to feed ahaatin , give preference to natural food, avoiding semi-finished foods and leftovers from your table.

What you can eat ahatinam:

Than to feed newborns ahaatin?

Thinking about what you can feed a young akhatin, you can not be afraid that the little ones will have to look for a special diet. They eat the same foods as giant parents. Daily offer crumbs thinly sliced ​​carrots, crushed apples and salad, various greens. Of protein food, dried gammarus, daphnia, boiled eggs are suitable. Be sure to offer in the care shredded shell, which is needed to build a shell. Soft foods give the newborn with care, in the thick pulp crumbs can get stuck and choke.

How often to feed ahaatin?

The questions, how voracious the snails of ahaatin are, how often they are fed in care, always excite newcomers. The common belief that these creatures normally live when fed for only 7 days is erroneous. Experienced lovers recommend offering food to young mollusks every day or every other day. Adult individuals can be fed 2 or 3 times a week. Refusal of feed or reluctant eating of it suggests that the snail gets feed too often. An important point in the care - it is necessary to take the remains of products, otherwise in the terrarium will start harmful bacteria.