Adnexitis - treatment with antibiotics

As is known, the treatment of adnexitis is carried out using antibiotics. This takes into account the fact, which causative agent caused by the disease. In most cases, the development of this pathology is caused by streptococci, staphylococci, mycoplasmas, chlamydia.

What drugs are used to treat adnexitis?

As already mentioned above, the type of pathogen depends on which antibiotics are prescribed for adnexitis. In this case, most often used:

The name of antibiotics administered with adnexitis may be different. In any case, a woman should not self-medicate, and use any medicine. Consider the most commonly prescribed drugs for this pathology.

Doxacyclin belongs to the group of those antibiotics that are most often used to treat adnexitis. This drug is able to suppress the synthesis of protein structures in the cells of the pathogen. It is used in small dosages and is not taken for long. side effects are often observed.

Ampiox, pertaining to penicillins, is also widely used for treatment. This drug prevents the growth and growth of pathological microorganisms, so it is especially effective in the initial stage of the disease.

Of macrolides, most commonly used are erythromycin and azithromycin. These antibiotics are used to treat chronic adnexitis, and can be used for a long time.

Ofloxacin, related to fluoroquinolones, is also used in the therapy of adnexitis. The components of this drug are able to penetrate inside the cells of the pathogen and destroy them.

Metronidazole, trichopol (nitroimidazoles) have increased activity against anaerobic bacteria.

Thus, what kind of antibiotics should be treated with such a disease as adnexitis, the doctor who prescribes the treatment regimen decides: indicates the dosage of the drug and the frequency of administration.