Achilles bursitis - treatment

Tendonitis of the calcaneal tendon or Albert's disease is an acute inflammation of the synovial (periarticular) bag with the accumulation of fluid, which causes severe pain. Therefore, many women are worried about how to overcome achillobursitis - the treatment of this disease is extremely necessary, because the ability to move the foot and even walk depends on it.

How to treat Achilles?

The complexity of the treatment of the ailment in question lies in the fact that it is first necessary to determine its cause (with many pathologies of the calcaneal tendon, Albert's disease develops).

In any case, a whole complex of measures will be required, including medication and physiotherapy, and rarely - surgical intervention.

Here's how to cure Achillesbourgitis:

  1. Replace shoes, especially on high heels, more comfortable and free.
  2. In the acute course of the disease, ensure a complete rest.
  3. Use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of ointments (topically) or injections directly into the calcaneal tendon. In severe forms, injections of anesthetics complete with glucocorticosteroid hormones are allowed.
  4. Apply a tight bandage on the affected joint.
  5. Reduce physical activity and strain on the affected foot.
  6. Regularly remove pus or exudate from the synovial bag by puncture, followed by rinsing the cavities with antiseptic solutions.
  7. Organize a balanced diet, work and rest.

Shock-wave therapy is an excellent way to cope with the problem. A tangible result is noticeable after passing a course consisting of 4-7 procedures.

Rarely with tendonitis of the calcaneal tendon, an operation is proposed which consists in removing a small part of the bone. Surgical intervention is practiced if the classical methods have proved ineffective.

Treatment of Achillobursitis at home

In the initial stages, you can help yourself with some medications.

To reduce the intensity of the pain syndrome and the inflammatory process, it is recommended to take Nimesil, Movalis, apply ointments or gels with anesthetics on the heel (Diclofenac, Deep Relief).

Also helps treatment of achillobursite Dimexide:

  1. Dilute Dimexide with water in equal proportions.
  2. Saturate the gauze napkin with a solution and wring out.
  3. Apply compress on the heel, bandage (not tight).
  4. Leave it overnight.

Strengthen the effect can be by means of Vishnevsky ointment - apply it on a napkin with Dimexidum and also fix it for 8 hours.

Treatment of Achillobursitis with folk remedies

Non-traditional medicine is used as maintenance therapy as part of complex procedures.

Horseradish Compress:

  1. Grate the horseradish root with a shallow grater.
  2. Place the raw material on the gauze cut with a flat cake, put on the heel, pre-lubricated skin glycerin or vegetable oil.
  3. Leave the remedy for 8-9 hours.

A similar effect is produced by black radish (root), only a compress should be kept for only 60 minutes.