Shopping in Nha Trang

In the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang, you can relax, enjoy the warm sunshine, as well as shopping, which here can be very beneficial and interesting. Shopping in Nha Trang is not only large shopping centers, but also interesting small shops, as well as colorful markets. In general, everyone will find something to his taste.

Shopping in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Shopping centers. Of course, in Nha Trang, as in any other major resort town, there are many shopping centers that are pleasant and understandable to European tourists. On Thai Nguyen there is a supermarket MaxiMark, in which you can find everything from food to clothing. At the same time, prices for all this will pleasantly surprise any tourist with its small size.

In the very center of the city is Nha Trang Center - a huge and very beautiful building in four floors, in which you will find a variety of goods, as well as a cafe area and a variety of entertainment, like bowling, cinema and so on. Find this center you can on Tran Phu, 20.

The world-famous METRO network, well known to us, has a shopping center in Nyachang. It is in it is best to buy a variety of equipment. Also in the seafood department you can meet a huge variety of goods. And the store itself is located at Vo Canh Village, Vinh Trung Ward, 23/10 St., which is close to the city limits.

The shops. Stores in Nha Trang are much more interesting to visit than shopping centers, as they are distinguished by great color, as well as more interesting goods that you will not find in Europe. For example, it is much more popular than ordinary clothing stores in Nyachang atelier for the tailoring of these clothes. Silk and other high-quality and expensive fabrics here you can buy at a very small price, and customer service in the atelier simply at the highest level. Atelier Hoang Yen is located on Nguyen Thien Thuat, 128. You can also buy fine fabrics and silk at the Silk & Silver store at Tran Quang Khai, 6.

Khatoco leather goods store, located at Tran Phu, 70, is distinguished by a huge selection of a variety of leather products. Especially popular, of course, are a variety of things from the skin of a crocodile and an ostrich. The prices of shopping in Vietnam, and specifically in Nha Trang for these products are much lower than in other countries, so you need to buy a purse or a purse made from crocodile leather at this resort.

And, of course, shopping in Vietnam in Nha Trang can not do without jewelry. In the jewelry and gemological center of Angkor Treasure you can buy a variety of jewelry, as well as pearls, the price of which in Nha Trang is also much lower than, for example, in Europe. You can find it at Hung Vuong, 24B.

Markets. On one of the central streets of the city is the famous Night Market, which every tourist must visit. A variety of souvenirs, fruits, fish, colorful local dishes ... This is what you need to get acquainted with the culture of the city.