25 class sports not included in the Olympics program

Annually a large number of "unrecognized" sports compete for the right to be represented at the Olympics. To get into the program of the most important sporting event, you need to apply and wait for the approval of the commission.

The latter, of course, you can not get, but too big is the temptation to go down in history. And these 25 sports are hoping for luck!

1. Cricket

This is one of the most popular sports in the world, because he has every chance. It is rumored that the debut of the cricket may take place already at the Olympics in 2024.

2. Speedscating

Why at the Winter Olympics you can skate on speed, but not on summer? Injustice, which urgently needs to be corrected.

3. Frisbee

This is a spectacular sport, why not please the viewer?

4. Bowling

Local competitions are held around the world, and classy bowling players can collect an impressive amount.

5. Parkour

Do not laugh at once, but instead think: after all, parkour is a kind of gymnastics. And that means he is the place at the Olympics.

6. Squash

The essence of the game is to prevent the opponent to hit the rubber ball, sending it to the court racket. The World Squash Federation tried to promote its sport at the Olympic Games in Rio, but without success. Well, these squash players are persistent and definitely will not give up!

7. Wakeboarding

Another spectacular and interesting sport. A great summer alternative to snowboarding. Alas, for 2020, he was already rejected, but this is not the last Olympics.

8. The knockout

Do you remember entertainment from childhood? To win this game, you need to be a real master of your craft.

9. Table football

Yes, perhaps this is not the most ... sport sport, but you try, without having the experience, to win it!

10. Billiards

Watching players in billiards is even more interesting than for fans of table football.

11. Chess

Erroneous are those who do not consider chess to be a sport. This is an exciting intellectual competition. Perhaps not the most spectacular, but after all, no one asks 100% of direct broadcasts to chess parties.

12. The Polands

This is a kind of sport on the verge of a foul, but dancing on the pylon would noticeably raise the ratings of the Olympics ... The main broadcast to put on a later time - when all the children are already asleep.

13. Beach Soccer

Instead of green grass - soft sand. Beach football was strongly pushed to the Olympics in Rio, but unsuccessfully, and the struggle continues.

14. Futsal

The same football, only conducted on a wooden floor and in a slightly smaller composition. This sport repeats the history of beach football and is also not going to give up.

15. Darts

For professional athletes, darts have long ceased to be a way of carefree leisure.

16. Winter swimming

This sport was invented in Europe. Someone's winter swimming may seem dangerous, but some think either freestyle or figure skating, for example.

17. Mixed Martial Arts

The ancient discipline seems to have deserved a place at the Olympics. The sport reminds boxing, only in combat you can use different techniques.

18. Floorball

This ice hockey is a great idea for the Summer Olympics.

19. Bowles

The principle of the game is a bit like the essence of bowling, but the rules are somewhat different. The ball needs to be rolled on an uneven lawn and as close as possible to other balls.

20. Ice Climbing

For many, climbing and the usual rock seems impossible, not like a steep ice. And for someone it's just a sport.

21. Ballroom Dancing

Everybody likes to watch "Dancing with the Stars", why not watch the dancers and within the framework of the Olympics ?!

22. Disc golf

Players compete individually and try to overcome the distance by throwing the disc the least number of times. The Olympic Committee has already recognized it as the official sport, it remains to promote it to the Olympics, and is ready.

23. Cheerleading

The performances of cheerleading teams are always very spectacular. Support groups like to prepare numbers with a huge number of complex dance and acrobatic elements. Because cheerleading can safely be called a sport worthy of the Olympics.

24. Shearing of sheep

Many farmers are convinced that this one is still a sport of complexity and would gladly participate in the Olympic Games in order to combine business with pleasure.

25. American football

Once he was represented at the Olympics, and sports fans want to see him in the contest again.