Brand of dogs

This distinction is universally an integral attribute of all thoroughbred dogs. Stamp, and simply a tattoo, is introduced into a special database of branding of dogs. She is exposed to puppies of absolutely any age, sex, breed and size. The greatest value is for the owner.

How are dogs branded?

This procedure must be carried out in the dog nursery, where the puppy was purchased. In fact, the brand of dogs serves as proof of the "purity" of their origin and breed. If its purpose is to search for an animal as a result of a loss, then the veterinarian can apply it in a specialized clinic.

It is recommended to apply it when the pet reaches the age of one and a half months. The duration of the entire process will take 5 minutes. There are two most common methods of branding dogs:

  1. Tattoo pen. Implies the application of the necessary data through a special pen with ink for tattooing.
  2. Forceps. They are used mainly for ear piercing. They are typed the necessary combination, and after the procedure the puncture site is rubbed off with a special medicinal paste.

Put stigma is taken at strictly defined places, which are the ears, abdomen, inner thigh, or groin.

What does the dog's brand look like?

It is coded information about where the dog comes from, what kind of account it is from the general brood, etc. Basically, these are symbols of letters and numbers, similar in appearance to car numbers.

What it means to stigmatize a dog is easy to understand. Each dog kennel has its own abbreviation, issued and approved by the Cynological Federation. It is this combination of three characters of the alphabet and will tell which institution was the first house of the animal.

The digital part of the hallmark, which can consist of a maximum of five signs, is designed to report how many puppies were born in the nursery. And each organization independently decides how to make dogs branded. Sometimes even the presence of fractional or alphabetic signs in this part is noted.

If the question arises, how to test the brand of a dog, then you should refer to a special database of animal stamps, which help determine the true origin of the pet. It is replenished with every officially registered act of marking and issuing activation documents. Also, it is possible to contact the nursery and request a dog purchase contract.

The presence of this identification mark greatly facilitates the search for a missing or stolen animal. Be sure to include it in the wanted ads. Also, you can accurately find the owner of the dog by brand, if it is timely entered in a single database.