The price of success: 12 athletes have shown that they are actually hiding behind the victories ...

Agree, people-lucky, on whom success fell like snow on your head, you can count on the fingers of one hand. As a rule, behind every outstanding performer, actor, writer and other representatives of "successful professions", long years of training, trials, ups and bitterness of disappointment are hidden.

But now you will experience a real shock, learning that it really hides behind the successes and victories of the athletes. And you will never say that sport is health ...

1. Last Monday, a photo of a Thai boxing master named Jeremy became viral on the Web, and all because it shows the trauma received in battle - an elbow fractured by the elbow! By the way, for the sake of victory, Jeremy did not even think of leaving the ring, but continued to fight until this fight stopped the referee!

2. Such a picture will never be published in the brochures of the rowing sections. But that's exactly how the hands of the Olympic champion from Great Britain Alex Gregory looked after after almost a month continuously running the oars in wet gloves during the expedition to the Arctic Ocean!

3. Do you think the victory in the most prestigious cycling race "Tour de France" is the spraying of champagne and a photo with a unique trophy? Well, then just look at the feet of Polish cyclist Pavel Polyansky after 16 stages of the competition ...

4. ... or on the feet of the Polish cyclist Bartosz Huzarsky after 18 stages!

5. But that's what the legs of the rider George Hinkami from the USA looked like!

6. Equally shocking are the feet of bicyclists from Germany - racer Andre Greipel and sprinter Robert Furstmann.

7. You never know in which country a new trial awaits you for the sake of a coveted victory, and sometimes the most important rivals are not other participants, but simply a climate. Here, for example, what the finalists of the World Cross-Country Championship in Uganda looked like after a 6-kilometer race into a 30-degree heat and with high humidity!

Some athletes were taken out unconscious on the stretcher!

8. And this is how the spin of the famous Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko looked like 4 years ago after the injury, received during the fall in Zagreb at the European Championships.

9. Do you think that players are paid huge fees only for the fact that they are 90 minutes chasing the ball across the field and sometimes get into the gate? Well, then look at the face of the 23-year-old midfielder of Barcelona, ​​Rafinho, who faced his own goalkeeper at the Spanish Championships in February 2017!

That day, the player also broke his nose, after which he had to attend training only in a specially designed protective mask.

10. And this is just the face of hockey player John Mitchell from the team "Colorado" (NHL). In the end, after the game: a broken nose, "finger" under the eye and a couple of abrasions, wounds and cuts ...

11. And how do you like the pretty face of 19-year-old hockey player Zak Verensky from the club "Columbus Blue Jackets", after it was accidentally hit by a puck against the "Pittsburgh Penguins" in the spring of 2017?

12. No, as the faces of professional boxers look after fights, we will not publish for ethical reasons ... You just look how they can break the external oblique muscle of the abdominal press just on a regular workout! In the photo - Wladimir Klitschko three days before the battle with Derek Chisora ​​in December 2010.