These 9 signs indicate that your body lacks protein

Protein, protein, protein. Everyone needs protein. We all know that in the day we must eat a sufficient amount of food containing protein.

But, what if you are not sure how much you ate it today? Then in this case you just need to read the following symptoms, the occurrence of which indicates that you urgently need to refill the refrigerator with meatballs (if you are an omnivore) or chickpeas (if you are vegan).

1. Appear edema

The lower the protein concentration in the blood, the faster the water-salt balance changes, which causes swelling, edema in the area of ​​the feet, ankles, on the face, hands and abdomen.

2. Dyspnea occurs

If you do not get enough protein, not only anemia can occur, but also constant fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, a sense of lack of energy.

3. Unable to eat

Have you noticed that after a snack (fruits, cookies), feel hungry? In fact, most people have a snack - products that are rich not in protein, but in carbohydrates and often simple (for example, the same appetizing cinnamon roll). Nutritionists recommend putting in your lunch box an oatmeal fitness bar, some cheese, 50 g of nuts, 2 tablespoons of peanut (or any other nutty) pasta, a handful of fruits or berries - in the end we get a balanced snack, after which you have not eaten for a long time want to eat.

4. Thirst for sweets

And do not just feel like it, but it seems to you that if you do not eat something sweet at the moment (or rather between 15-16: 00), you will feel exhausted and unhappy the rest of the day. Certified coach for healthy nutrition, Rebekah Gahan, explains such a frantic desire for the fact that the human body cakes and the like requires stabilizing the blood sugar level. To prevent or get rid of this, every meal should contain protein.

5. Feel slack after eating

Do you know the reason? That's right, in lack of protein. Most likely, your dinner was plenty of carbohydrates and fats, but you forgot about the protein. In addition, this dish was heavy for your body. For example, your breakfast can consist of whole wheat bread, boiled egg, yogurt, fruit and a handful of walnuts.

6. Wounds heal for a long time

Everyone knows that the protein restores muscle tissue, helps to get it faster. If your diet is low in protein, the process of wound healing is slower than usual.

7. Hair falls out

Have you noticed that after each washing, combing hair fall out? Besides, they lost their natural shine and became dull? It turns out that our locks need protein to strengthen and grow. Otherwise, they become thinner and become brittle.

8. Weak immunity

If your body is deficient in protein, it is possible that you often get sick. To check whether this is so, start eating more protein-containing foods. Forget what a seasonal cold is? So your immunity just needed a little more protein.

9. Dry and flaky skin

No moisturizers, peelings and scrubs help to achieve an ideal skin condition? Most often, the reason lies in the insufficient amount of water drunk a day (and it perfectly moisturizes the skin) and eaten protein.