TOP-25 of the thickest people in the world

According to the World Health Organization, in 2016, 650 million people were obese. And it's not funny at all. Obesity can cause a huge number of health problems.

But it can be prevented by taking care of yourself and your diet in time, many people from the list below continue to gain weight ...

1. André Nasr

The fat man in Australia. Before he had to be hospitalized, André Nasr weighed 199.5 kg and ate 12,000 calories a day.

2. Donna Simpson

She wanted to become the heaviest woman in the world and tried to bring her weight to 450 kg, but the goal was not reached - she was "stuck" at around 270 kg. But Donna did not lose her head. She created her own website and now earns $ 90,000 a year on the fact that everyone wants to watch how she eats online.

3. Michael Edelman

When the man weighed 360 kg, he fell and could not get up - Michael was trite enough. I could not cope with the task of raising a policeman who had fallen asleep. After a while Edelman recovered to 470 kg, and then died of pneumonia and malnutrition.

4. David Ron Hai

He weighed 450 kg. To get the man out of the apartment, it took 6 hours, stretchers and ropes - David was let down through the window. Hui died in hospital as a result of liver and kidney failure.

5. Sylvanus Smith

The man was faced with a problem at the age of 54. His weight reached 450 kg and to place him in an ambulance, a forklift was required. In the hospital Silvanus managed to lose 130 kg, but soon the weight returned to the previous level. Possible cause of his death is considered diabetes.

6. Jose Luis Garza

Presumably, he weighed 450 kg, but in fact, Jose Luis for a long time was not weighed. Once he was a chef, and then depression and alcohol played a cruel joke with him. At some point, Garza did take himself in hand and said that he did not want to become the most difficult person in the world.

7. Terry Smith

Terry weighs about 320 kg and is considered to be one of the thickest women in the world. Because of his weight, Terry can not get out of bed, and care for her lay on the shoulders of her family.

8. Andres Moreno

Andres weighed 440 kg and died on Christmas Day at the age of 38 from a heart attack. For some time he was the thickest man in the world.

9. Kit Martin

At the age of 44, Keith Martin weighed about 450 kg and was forced to resort to a bariatric surgery, effectively helping to get rid of excess fat. The operation was successful, but unfortunately, a man contracted pneumonia and died only 8 months after it was carried out.

10. Myra Rosales

In addition to the fact that she could die with her weight of 450 kg, Mayra was also threatened with death. She was accused of killing a nephew. But later it turned out that Rosales could not fall, not the child - a woman could not even get out of bed. When it became clear that the thickest woman in the world was innocent, the police went to her sister, who turned out to be a murderer. Realizing that there was no one to follow her nephews, Myra gathered her will into a fist, went through several operations and began to weigh 91 (!!!) kg.

11. Mills Darden

With an increase of 2.3 meters, his weight was almost 465 kilograms. Photos Darden does not remain - he lived from 1799 to 1857, but if you believe the rumors, the man lived a fairly active life. Died Mills, presumably, strangled with folds of skin on his neck.

12. Michael Hebranco

Its maximum weight was 500 kg. In his entire history, in total, Michael lost weight and recovered by about 2000 kg. Hebranko died of cardiac, renal and hepatic insufficiency.

13. Mike Parteleno

In memory of Mike Parteleno

The wealth of a person is measured not by the size of its bank account and by any other material goods, it is measured by the number of friends, family and lives and hearts into which it was allowed.

At a weight of almost 460 kg, he adhered to the Bahamian diet of Dick Gregory and loved to take part in the competitions of fat people.

14. Kenneth Brumley

About a man weighing almost 470 kg, was filmed a documentary Half ton dad. In his youth, he was an athlete, but then retired and began to gain weight. According to eyewitness accounts, he ate up to 30,000 calories a day.

15. Jambik Hatokhov

The youngest child in the world, Jambique, became 4 years old when he weighed 56 kg. After that, his mass only increased, and by the age of 9 Hatokhov began to weigh 184 kg.

16. Robert Earl Hughes

Because of the congenital pathology, he quickly gained weight and became the fat man on the planet. In 1958, he was 32 years old, Robert weighed 472 kg and died of congestive heart failure.

17. Paul Mason

He became the fat man with a weight of 444 kg. Paul's problems began after the death of his father and his mother's illness. But after surgery on the stomach, Mason began to lose weight.

18. Eman Ahmed Abd El Ata

With a weight of 498 kg, she can safely be considered one of the thickest women in the world. Weight gain was caused by thyroid pathology and gene defect. Eman died at 37 years of heart failure and kidney failure.

19. Patrick Duel

He got to the hospital weighing almost half a ton. The operation helped Patrick to lose weight a little, but Duel did not solve all the problems of Duel.

20. Robert Butler

Its maximum weight was 544 kg. At 43, Robert died of sepsis.

21. Walter Hudson

The fat man weighed 550 kg. At the time of death, at 46 years old, Walter's weight was 510 kg.

22. Carol Jager

In 1993, when she was 34, Carol weighed 539 kg. She was taken to the hospital with the help of a fire brigade. For 9 months, Jager did not move. At the hospital, Carol dropped 226 kg, but her weight was still not normal.

23. Manuel Uribe

Before his death at the age of 48, Manuel weighed 557 kg. From the bed Uribe did not get up for 6 years. The cause of death of a man was heart and liver failure.

24. Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari

A Saudi Arabian man weighed 610 kg as a teenager. Learning about his problem, the king intervened in the situation, which ordered Khalid to be hospitalized.

25. John Brower Minnock

It is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest man. In 1978, John weighed 635 kg. To turn it in the hospital, it took 13 people. He managed to survive after a strict diet, and in the end Minnow died in 1983 with a weight of 361 kg.