What to bring from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

No trip can not do without buying gifts and souvenirs for yourself for memory, as well as for friends and acquaintances. Usually tourists try to acquire something interesting and unusual, characteristic only for that place of stay, where they had a great holiday and received a lot of impressions.

Souvenirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

What to bring from Bosnia and Herzegovina , which can not be purchased elsewhere, and what will be a unique gift reminiscent of this colorful country?

Symbols and popular souvenirs in this country are:

Carpets and textiles

  1. Bosnian Kilim is one of the best and not expensive gifts. These carpets are hand woven for several months according to a special technology that is passed down from generation to generation. The ornament resembles oriental motifs and represents repetitive geometric shapes and contours.
  2. Clothing and home textiles with embroidery. Embroidery has always been an important component in the distinctive culture of the Bosnians. It was decorated with any textile products: national clothes, towels, bed linen, carpets and other household items. Special technique is considered to be snake - small geometric figures of threads of dark blue color.

Religious souvenirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. A special handkerchief. In a place called Medjugorje , located on a sacred mountain, there is a church. Here is a statue of Jesus Christ. From his knee oozes a liquid. Believer tourists usually buy handkerchiefs sold nearby, wipe the tribe of Christ and bring them as a souvenir to their loved ones.
  2. On the hill of the Phenomena is a statue of the Virgin Mary. Here you can buy souvenirs with its image of a variety of shapes, sizes and colors: figurines (up to 2 m in height), charms, magnets, candles, pillows, t-shirts, cups, glasses, angel figurines, etc.


  1. Alcoholic beverages. Despite the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not famous as a wine producer, it is possible to purchase very high-quality beverages of local originality . Popular are the wine brands "Zhilavka" and "Gargash". Also pay attention to the brand "Vranac" (Vranac), as many wine lovers say that after him does not hurt his head. Vodka "Rakia", which is made from grapes of local varieties or plums, also won a good reputation. In addition, you can buy spirits with the addition of roots of wild orchids, which are recommended to be used hot. A very unusual gift for connoisseurs.
  2. Meat . As you know, 99% of Bosnians can not do without meat, so they can cook here. As a gift or for yourself you can grab smoked or jerky meat. You will not find such delicious and skilfully cooked at yourselves. You can stop your choice on a pastram (analogue of a Caucasian basturma), prshute or sujuk (these are smoked sausages from beef meat).
  3. Natural olive oil . Bosnia and Herzegovina is famous as a country of olives. Therefore, where else, no matter how here, buy the most real, natural and delicious olive oil at a low price (from $ 4).
  4. Sweets . Lovers of oriental delicacies can be pleased with a sweet present - halva, lukum, baklava, baklava (they all resemble the famous Turkish sweets). Or bring an unusual cookie with a nut filling and various impregnations.

What not to buy in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Where to buy souvenirs for memory?

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are many local markets, similar to the eastern bazaars. Here you can find everything you want. When buying, it is customary to bargain, as local sellers initially greatly overestimate prices for foreign tourists.

In Sarajevo, the most famous bazaar is Bash-Charshia. Nearby, on the nearby street of Ferhadia, you can find brand shops and boutiques.

Known is the workshop of shoemaker Andar, who himself makes various shoes. It is located next to the Emperor's Mosque.

Near the Begov Jamia mosque there is a trading area of ​​HBcrafts, founded as part of the Refugee Assistance Project "Traditional Knowledge Transfer Center". Here are sold goods (from accessories to toys) created by refugee women. The organizers of the project believe that such employment will help them to integrate more quickly into a normal life.

The resort town of Neum is known as the center of profitable shopping, as here there is a preferential legislation for the export of products from the country.

If you prefer to buy souvenirs and gifts in shopping centers, pay attention to the BBI center. He is considered one of the best in Europe.