How to make a man nice - male erogenous zones and erotic fantasies

In order for the relationship in the couple to be happy and long, it is necessary to surprise each other regularly, doing various pleasant things. Great importance for men has an intimate sphere, so some tricks will be useful and useful no matter.

How to make your sweetheart?

Many psychologists who study the sexual sphere assure that men need attention not less than women. It is important for them to receive not only physical, but also moral pleasure. A huge knowledge of how a loved one to give pleasure, are geishas, ​​who know dozens of different tricks that can drive the representatives of the stronger sex crazy. Every woman has the opportunity to try her way on herself, after learning some secrets.

Men's erogenous zones

On the human body there are many sensitive points, stimulation of which gives pleasant sensations. Many people do not know about all their erogenous zones, but the situation can be corrected by conducting a "search operation". Studying a man can significantly improve the quality of intimate relationships. You can find out the most erogenous zones of a loved one with the help of a pen, which you need to walk through his body, watching the reaction.

  1. Nipples. Allowed easy strokes and kisses, which will lead a partner.
  2. Ears. It is difficult for representatives of the stronger sex to resist gentle touches and pay special attention to the lobe.
  3. Face and head. For those women who are interested in how to make a man nice, you can give advice - massage this part of the body, because there are many active points.
  4. Buttocks and back. Here you can walk your nails on the spine. Going to the buttocks, you can afford more by using tingle and patting.
  5. Arms and legs. Most of the points are on the inside of the extremities.
  6. Intimate organs. The most sensitive zone in men, and here for stimulation you can use language, lips, hands and so on.

How can a beloved man bring pleasure in bed?

To a loved one was nice and sex was not a purely physical contact, you need to think over and take into account some details. Correctly choose the time, so according to the biological clock the man is at the peak of activity in the morning and after lunch. It is important to take into account the emotional attitude of the partner. Another important advice regarding how to make a man pleasant in bed - pay attention to your appearance, presenting your choice of visual pleasure. Acquire a beautiful, candid underwear that emphasizes the dignity of the figure.

How to give a man pleasure kisses?

Many people underestimate the importance of tactile interactions, through which you can express a huge range of emotions. Gentle, passionate, romantic, it's all about kissing. According to surveys, a large number of representatives of the stronger sex likes to kiss. There are several secrets about how to make a man nice during a kiss.

  1. Many representatives of the stronger sex get the greatest pleasure with a French kiss, which involves the use not only of the lips, but also of the tongue.
  2. The most sensitive area in the mouth is the palate, so stroke it with the tongue.
  3. Since there are many erogenous zones on the face, it will be appropriate to shower the loved one with kisses from the forehead to the neck.
  4. During foreplay, to make the partner nice, kiss other parts of the body, for example, the belly, going down to the groin.
  5. Use different kisses, for example, deep, short, light, and others.

How to deliver a man a pleasure - blowjob

Oral sex for the stronger sex is not only a way to make a partner nice, but also a manifestation of trust and love. Many women are afraid to move to such caresses, so as not to seem inexperienced and not do something wrong. To understand how to satisfy a man blowjob, it is enough to master a few simple rules.

  1. Take a comfortable pose to have access to the cherished place. Let the man observe the process.
  2. Ensuring a good slide will help saliva, so ensure the moisture of the entire penis.
  3. Another tip, how to make a beloved man nice - use a variety of movements, but remember that they should not be sharp. Engage your lips, tongue, cheeks and arms, pulling out the foreskin and releasing the head.
  4. Observe the beloved's reaction and when he approaches the climax, accelerate his movements, making them a bit stiff.
  5. Swallow or not to swallow sperm should be decided by every woman herself, but there is nothing dangerous in this liquid.

How to please a man with his hands?

Massage is a unique opportunity to help a person relax and make him feel good. This action can be an excellent prelude to sex. To understand how a man to make a nice hands, you need to know the location of erogenous zones. For a good slip, as well as for additional relaxation, use aromatic oils, the main thing is that the smell is like a man. Influence different movements: press your fists, stroke your palms in different directions and in a circle.

Another tip, how to make nice to a man - use other parts of your body, for example, the chest. Massage not only the back, then the abdomen, legs and other areas. Try not to touch the genitals until the end of this prelude, preserving the intrigue, leading the partner to the peak. Many active points are in the ears, so do not miss this part of the body.

How to please a man with his tongue?

Caress each other lovers can different parts of their body, which will diversify the sensations. The language can be used in different types of caresses, for example, in a kiss or blowjob. Thanks to its humidity and flexibility, and with skillful application, it is possible to deliver a great pleasure to the partner. There are several basic tricks how to make a man nice with the help of a language.

  1. Use it during the "French kiss", which gives the man the greatest pleasure.
  2. During the massage, for example, the ear do not hesitate to use the tongue, conducting it on the sink or the lobe. The main thing, watch out for salivation.
  3. It is impossible to imagine a good blowjob without the participation of the language. They can perform various actions: lick the head, making movements in different directions, push, spend the entire length of the penis and so on.

Role play in bed

There are several ways that allow you to diversify your sex life, for example, you can try on different images, embodying your partner's erotic fantasies . For role-playing games to be successful, it is important not only to pay attention to appearance, but also fully adhere to the image. Having a desire, you can realize any erotic fantasy, but there are examples of role-playing games in bed, which are most popular.

  1. Mistress is a slave . The man though is strong, sometimes he would like to obey. The script can be played and vice versa, when a man rules, and a woman obeys.
  2. The rapist-victim . Fear of women with a loved one can add piquancy to bed. Sex takes place in a rigid form.
  3. The nurse is sick . The erotic fantasies of men include this one, which acts excitingly on both.
  4. Strippers is a guest . If a woman wants to make a partner nice, then a beautiful dance in the appropriate setting will do its job.