Touch Mixer

How cool, when every device in the house "understands", which at the moment you want a man! In the "smart house" and the split system, both the fan and the light turn on and off when necessary and without human intervention. Such convenient and practical devices include a sensor mixer for a bathroom , a washbasin or a washbasin, which is increasingly seen in homes and apartments. When you bring your hands to the tap, the water begins to flow from it. There is no need to twist the valves, just create a movement near the sensor.

Principle of operation of the sensor mixer

Externally, the tap with a touch-sensitive control differs from the usual one in that it does not have levers and gates. There is only the body of the crane on which the sensor is located. He also catches infrared radiation in a human-defined zone of sensitivity. The owner of the contactless sensor mixer can set the following characteristics of the device:

Regarding the water temperature, then having adjusted it once during installation, you do not have to adjust it every time you turn on the tap. The fact that in your absence the mixer can work, you should not worry. Accidentally found in the sensitive area of ​​the object (a toothbrush or a soap that has fallen off the shelf) will cause the tap to turn on, but as soon as the motion stops, the water will also stop flowing.

Mixers are powered by lithium batteries. Proceeding from the fact that the majority of manufacturers guarantee up to 5 thousand inclusions in two years, then the battery charge to the average family will be enough for 130 inclusions a day. The figure, of course, is unreal, so it's not worth thinking about the battery.

To install a sensor mixer, you need not only the mixer itself with the battery, but also the electronics unit, levers or valves, valves, filter and connecting hose. All this goes in the kit. In addition, the mixer can be equipped with a remote control, which greatly simplifies the adjustment of all parameters.


The sensor mixer is not threatened by failure due to broken levers. This is especially true in places with high attendance (latrines of sports clubs, fitness centers, educational institutions). In addition, the lack of contact with hundreds of hands makes the sensor mixers highly hygienic and safe. For medical and children's institutions such devices are simply irreplaceable!

By installing a mixer at home, you will no longer be sitting at work worrying about whether water is turned off. And no one canceled the saving factor. Agree, during the cleaning of teeth or washing dishes, few turn off the water, and after all, with it, the drained "drain" and the hard earned money.


It is not convenient to use the touch mixer anywhere. So, for the kitchen is better to choose a conventional tap with a valve. And here's why: here you need water of different temperatures. Fruits should be washed with cool water, rinse the frozen fat from the dishes - boiling water. It will be inconvenient for you to "play" with the remote control all the time or manually adjust the mixer.

If you often use the washbasin as a washtub using a cork, you'll have to stand with your hand stretched out in the literal sense and wait until the water is collected. Bath - a separate conversation. There it is necessary either to hold a hand, or to sit in an empty bathroom, waiting for the filling. In such cases, it is worthwhile to purchase a sensor water-eco-nozzle on the tap. The functions are the same, but it is more convenient to shoot and install. In addition, there is such a device is cheaper than a sensor mixer.