Built-in electric oven - how to choose a reliable oven?

Modern built-in electric oven - aesthetically attractive and functional household appliances, which saves space and fits perfectly into any style of interior. If you want to realize the kitchen of your dreams, you need to know exactly all the criteria for choosing the best oven for your home.

How to choose a built-in electric oven?

Many housewives pay the main attention to the design of the unit, forgetting to read the passport data and to study its dimensions , which leads to disappointment in the purchase and installation problems. To solve the problem, how to choose the best built-in electric type oven, you need to know exactly the desired volume of the working chamber, the external dimensions of the device, determine the additional options that many leading manufacturers of home appliances offer.

Additional functions in modern ovens:

  1. Convection - forced circulation of air inside the working chamber, which provides the most uniform baking.
  2. Grill - a heating element built into the top wall, allows you to get juicy dishes with a browned crust.
  3. Rotisserie with electric drive for cooking shish kebabs, large pieces of meat or fish.
  4. Microwave function - built-in electric oven with this option quickly prepares dishes, there is no need to buy a separate microwave oven.
  5. Retractable skids - telescopic guide rails for trays, increase the usability, improve the safety of cooking.
  6. Automatic cooking programming.
  7. The best models have sound timers, they can defrost, they allow you to enter your own recipes into the memory block.
  8. Built-in electric oven with pyrolytic cleaning chamber - produces incineration at temperatures up to 500 ° C, which facilitates their removal without the use of special detergents.
  9. The option of catalytic auto-cleaning - acceleration of the chemical decomposition of hydrocarbon compounds on the internal walls of the unit, made from special fine-porous enamel.

Built-in electric oven - dimensions

There are standard, compact and narrow built-in electric ovens, the depth of these products averages up to 55 cm. The dimensions of the ovens should not exceed the internal dimensions of the countertop. There are deviations and non-standard models, but the depth of the products never exceeds 60 cm, otherwise the built-in modern electric oven will not fit in the headset. In the standard case, we are dealing with devices in height 55 - 60 cm and a width of about 60 cm.

Built-in electric mini oven

For a small kitchen, the dimensions of household appliances play a decisive role, therefore built-in small-size electric ovens are constantly in demand on the market. Unusual forms differ in many devices with microwave function , their height varies from 36 cm to 55 cm at a depth of 45 cm. Small-sized devices designed for installation in the canisters are always already their competitors, they have a width of 45 cm. The lack of small-size equipment is small the volume of the working chamber inside which it is difficult to arrange a whole carcass of a bird or a smart pie for a large family.

Electric built-in oven - power

For cooking most dishes require a temperature of up to 220 ° C, it can provide you with a device with a power of 2.5-3 kW. In household appliances with auto-cleaning function, high-temperature modes are used, when the camera needs to be heated to 500 ° C, here an aggregate with a power of up to 4 kW is needed. To solve the problem of choosing an optimum electric oven of built-in type, it is necessary to pay attention to the passport data, where the energy consumption level of the device is indicated.

The class A, B and C ovens are considered to be economical (consumption from 0.6 kW to 1 kW), class D is considered intermediate in energy consumption (1-1.2 kW). The most voracious are cabinets E, F and G class (1.2 kW - 1.6 kW and more). Pay attention when the passport is labeled "A +" or "A ++". In this case, the manufacturer guarantees you a savings of 25% to 50%.

Electric built-in ovens with convection

The built-in ovens with an electric heating element, capable of blowing the working chamber with hot or warm air, are well-deservedly popular. Convection helps to distribute heat evenly with a rear fan and use additional cooking modes. There are devices with wet (steam) convection, they allow you to prepare quality dishes, while preserving in the products useful substances.

Rating of electric built in ovens

What always helps to quickly choose a quality built-in oven of electric type - rating of the best electrical cabinets. When viewing similar lists, compiled on the basis of feedback from experts and ordinary users, you can easily pick up the product in the right price segment from a proven brand. Often they are divided into three categories - top class, premium class and budget ovens.

Inexpensive built-in electric ovens:

Built in ovens of a premium class:

Built-in electric oven of the top class:

How to install the built-in electric oven?

When installing the built-in electric oven, follow the manufacturer's instructions and follow the safety rules. Use only quality wires, properly selected machines. If you are not a specialist in this business, then it is better to entrust the work of connecting the purchased product to a professional electrician.

How to install an electric oven built-in type:

  1. The dimensions of the cabinet are selected according to the dimensions of the niche.
  2. Traditional (dependent) ovens are mounted under the countertop, and independent devices can be mounted separately in a convenient place.
  3. We provide protection from voltage surges, grounding and ventilation.
  4. The oven is mounted with gaps of 5 mm at the sides, the minimum distance from below is 10 cm, from the back wall - 50 mm.
  5. It is advisable to install the built-in electric oven at a safe distance from the water source.
  6. We use terminals for docking wires.
  7. We connect the device using a separate machine.
  8. In the niche, the oven is fixed with special setscrews.
  9. We wash the inner surface of the working chamber, calcine it at a temperature of up to 250 ° C, wipe it after cooling with a sponge. The built-in electric oven is ready for use.