Tiamat - the embodiment of world chaos

In Sumerian-Babylonian mythology, the goddess Tiamat is considered salt water. She, along with Abzu, the god of fresh water, gave birth to other younger gods. The progenitress looked like a winged lion with a bird's tail. She was portrayed with a stomach, chest, neck, head, eyes, nostrils and lips. Marduk from this body created the earth and the sky.

Who is Tiamat?

For a long time, in Mesopotamia, when there were no forms and rules, two beings appeared. The first - Apsu, a male, took fresh water to his boards. The second is the female, ruling with salty waters, named Tiamat, the mistress of chaos. According to legend, Tiamat is, according to mythology, a dragon with lion's fangs, crocodile jaws, bat wings, lizard paws, eagle claws, python body. This depicted the ancestor of the ancient Babylonians.

Tiamat - Mythology

Since ancient times, people know that the Moon affects the sea. Tiamat-demon was a Moon goddess, her cult was overthrown by the sun worshipers. The inhabitants of the Mesopotamian period used the calendar created by Madruk. Tiamat - the goddess and remained, but not supreme, although she continued to make human sacrifices.

Over time, matriarchy was replaced by patriarchy, it was necessary to change the gods. Female images have gone to the background, they have become demonic. Now Tiamat is a demon, the embodiment of evil in the form of a snake. And the new god became Bel-Marduk. He overthrew the progenitor, accusing her of eschatological intentions. But on this the misadventures of the goddess did not end. She was resurrected, so that later she died at the hands of Archangel Michael.

Children of Tiamat

God of fresh rivers and streams Apsku and goddess of chaos Tiamat joined together to create other gods and the universe, but the children did not obey, for which Apsu decided to kill them. They learned about the evil intention, and in order to be saved, they agreed with the god Eyja about the murder of his father. Tiamat, the mother of darkness, did not want to kill the children, but when Eyya dealt with the beloved Apsu, too, she began to struggle with them.

Soon Tiamat had a new lover Kingu. With him, the goddess was born thousands of monsters. Little gods, the children of the ancestor, did not dare to enter into battle with her, but one day the son of Eyah, the god Marduk decided to challenge the dragon. Children promised that if he wins, he will become king of the gods. He agreed. He made a net, caught King and other monsters from her, chained them in chains and left them in the Underworld. After that, in a fight with Tiamat, he killed her, having created from one half of her body the sky, from the other - the earth.

Tiamat and Abzu

Tiamat is the goddess of chaos, her husband Abzu is the god of underground waters. Their marriage appeared at a time when then fresh water began from the depths of the earth. Noah (Enki) kills Abzu, then creates clay from the clay. This means that the groundwater returns back to the dungeon, and the ground drains. Again, new people appear on the surface. After the death of Abzu, Tiamat makes the monster Kingu. He becomes the leader in the war among the young generation. Then he takes the place of the second wife of Tiamat.

Tiamat and Marduk

The wisdom and courage of Marduk is said in many chronicles and myths. He painted a belching flame, with four eyes and ears. In his reign, there were hurricanes and whirlwinds. The Babylonian priests considered him the ruler of the gods. In his honor there were solemn processions. He, all-powerful and brave, went out to battle with the ancient gods. They were angry with his strength, but he alone was able to defeat them and create his own order in the world. The womb of Tiamat, which gave birth to life, was destroyed by Marduk.

She gathered all the monsters, putting the main wife of Kingu, and prepared for the battle. At the request of the younger gods, Marduk went to battle. He was armed with a baton, net and bow. Together with the winds and storms went to a meeting with Tiamat and her monsters. The battle was terrible. The goddess tried to destroy the enemy, drown him, but he turned out to be more cunning. Throwing the net, Tiamat entangled her and weakened her. Then he shot an arrow into the body. So with Tiamat was over. After that, he easily dealt with her monsters. Some took prisoner, others fled. Marduk was the absolute winner.