Than to gargle a throat at an angina depending on a kind of an infection?

If you have diagnosed acute tonsillitis, it is important to understand what to gargle with angina. In the treatment of this disease, both purchased pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine can be used. It should be remembered that everyone has contraindications, therefore, such medicines should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Angina - types and treatment

The name of this term resembles the Latin language: "ango". Literally it is translated "choke." It is an inflammatory disease that affects the tonsils and other upper organs of the respiratory system. This pathology is accompanied by a pronounced clinical picture. Angina species has these:

Sore throat with angina

The doctor should prescribe the therapy after a preliminary examination of the patient. However, even after the doctor has explained to the patient how to gargle, this is not enough for recovery.

It is important to perform all the manipulations correctly. This includes compliance with the following recommendations:

  1. Before rinsing your throat you need to tilt your head back slightly. The language should be pushed forward a little. It is necessary for the solution to penetrate as deeply as possible into the pharynx.
  2. The rinse aid must be warm. Cool means will only aggravate the patient's condition. A hot solution will burn the mucous membrane.
  3. Tonsils will be better cleared if during the rinsing the patient utters the sound "Y".
  4. The length of the procedure is also important. It must be executed for at least 30 seconds. During this time, the liquid will well wash the tonsils and larynx.
  5. That medicinal means, than to gargle with a sore throat, it is impossible to swallow. It is not intended for internal use.
  6. The procedure must be carried out repeatedly.

Preparations for a gargle of a throat at an angina

In the treatment of acute tonsillitis drugs are especially effective. Here are the more commonly used products for gargling:

After rinsing, you should not eat in the next 1-2 hours. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the drug will be negligible. If a patient is prescribed Tonzilotren or other absorbable tablets, they can not be taken immediately after a throat rinse. It is necessary to wait an hour, and it is better one and a half, and only then to pass to the next stage of treatment.

Folk remedies for gargling with angina

Simultaneously with medications, alternative methods can be used. Their reception should be coordinated with the doctor. Self-healing is dangerous, because wrongly selected therapy is fraught with deterioration of the patient's well-being. In addition, it is important to remember that even the most effective herbs have contraindications.

When the throat hurts, than to rinse at home, the doctor knows. He can recommend the use of a simple but effective remedy.

The recipe for the solution


Preparation, application

  1. In a glass of cooled boiled water add salt, soda and iodine.
  2. Mix the ingredients carefully.
  3. A ready healing solution should be rinsed every 2 hours. The duration of therapy is determined individually.

Very effective and broths for gargling. Various medicinal herbs can be used for their preparation. One of them is chemist's daisy.

Recipe for a rinse


Preparation, application

  1. Camomile pour boiling water.
  2. Bring the mixture to the boil and leave for 20 minutes.
  3. Before use, this drug should be filtered.
  4. Cool the broth and rinse. The duration of therapy directly depends on the neglect of the disease.

What is the best way to gargle?

The doctor carefully approaches the choice of the medicinal product. Giving recommendations to the patient, the better to gargle with sore throat, the specialist will take into account the features of the course of the disease, the presence of allergies to the main components of the drug and other factors. The following aspects are also taken into account:

Independently at home, it is impossible to accurately determine the type of angina and especially correctly draw up a treatment regimen. In the hospital, the following examination is used to obtain such information:

Than to gargle a throat at a catarral angina?

With this form of the disease, there are surface lesions of the tonsils. The disease is caused by adeno- or rhinovirus. The patient has a slight increase in temperature and mild intoxication. In a couple of days these symptoms disappear, the pathology passes to the next stage. If you have a sore throat than rinse it:

Than to gargle with a purulent sore throat?

This disease is caused by streptococci. There are such forms of purulent sore throat:

The disease is accompanied by chills, enlarged lymph nodes, painful sensations in the throat and the appearance of a purulent deposit on the tonsils. After 3-4 days the symptoms fade, but this does not mean that the disease has receded. Than to gargle with a follicular sore throat:

Than gargle with herpes sore throat?

This disease is provoked by the Coxsackie virus. This form of pathology is characterized by the appearance of numerous sores. Therapy includes the following steps:

Than gargle during pregnancy?

It is very important to use safe and at the same time effective means during the period of bearing the baby during the treatment of acute tonsillitis. Than gargle of a pregnant woman with angina, the doctor knows. He can recommend a woman a soda solution. This remedy does not provoke an allergic reaction. It is prepared simply.

Recipe for pregnant women


water - 1 glass; soda food - 2/3 tsp.

Preparation and use

  1. In a glass of cool boiled water I add baking soda.
  2. The components are thoroughly mixed and rinsed.

The solution prepared according to this recipe has the following action:

Than to gargle a throat in house conditions at pregnancy - a saline solution.

Salt rinse


Preparation, application

  1. In a glass of cool boiled water, add sea salt.
  2. The components are mixed.
  3. The woman should gargle with a ready solution at least 5 times a day.

This drug effectively removes puffiness and quickly removes irritation.

Among the medicines, here's what you can gargle with during pregnancy: