Teenagers and Sex

Sooner or later, all parents need to tell the child about sex. Many are uncomfortable with the upcoming conversation. Of course, it is best to start sex education in the preschool age, when the baby first asked the question of where he came from. But if for young children the lack of such knowledge is not critical, then to postpone the conversation with a teenager about sex is not worth it. Having not received the necessary information from the parents, the child will try to find out the details of his interest from friends or on the Internet, and this does not guarantee certainty.

How to tell a teenager about sex?

Of course, first of all, the conversation should be accessible and honest. It is very important to prepare the child for the changes that will occur with him during puberty. Attention should be paid to the following nuances:

Usually such conversations are conducted in several stages, it is important that both parents take part. The topic of sex among adolescents today is particularly acute, therefore it is unacceptable for a child to receive this knowledge from questionable sources. If parents are not sure that some moments can be explained, then now there is a large selection of relevant literature aimed at sexual education. These books and magazines designed for children of different age groups can be read together with the child, answering questions that arise.

What can not be done in communication about sex with adolescents and children?

In the conversation you need to follow certain rules:

Conversations should be of a confidential nature, so that later the child with any question without doubt approached the parents. Such conversations can save from early sexual life. After all, many mothers are worried about the question of why teenagers have sex. One of the reasons is peer pressure, as well as the opinion that the conduct of sexual life raises the image and makes it more mature. And this is a consequence of the lack of objective information that a child should receive in the family, and not from friends or the Internet.