Tarot Layouts for the Near Future with Interpretation

Divination by tarot is popular due to the fact that with their help you can get a lot of important and interesting information. There are many ways that they use to understand different situations, for example, in work or in private life.

Tarot for beginners with interpretation

In order for fortune telling to be truthful, it is necessary to observe a number of important rules:

  1. The deck, which is used for the layout, can not be given to other people.
  2. You can guess only after studying the maps to understand them and interpret them correctly, depending on the situation. The values ​​of each card can be found here .
  3. Tarot cards for beginners should be carried out only with faith in the truthful result. If you treat the deck negligently, but count on getting reliable information is not worth it.
  4. If the answer is not satisfied, you do not need to repeat it. The new Tarot layout is worth doing at least a couple of weeks.

Tarot for the future

The future has always interested people, so different fortune-telling fortunes are popular. Tarot for the near future will provide an opportunity to learn the exact predictions concerning different spheres of life. Mix the deck and make a layout, as shown in the picture. The meaning of maps is:

  1. S - significator. She personifies a fortune-teller.
  2. No. 1 - gives a characterization of personality.
  3. No. 2 - situation related to the material sphere.
  4. №3 - information about the close environment.
  5. №4 - tells a map about parents and family.
  6. № 5 - describes the scope of entertainment and pleasure.
  7. №6 - information on possible problems related to health.
  8. №7 - what to expect from enemies.
  9. № 8 - what global changes can occur.
  10. №9 - possible travel.
  11. №10 - issues related to work or business.
  12. №11 - what to expect in relations with friends and colleagues.
  13. №12 - possible problems in the future.
  14. № 13 - whether there is an influence of the past on the present.
  15. № 14 - what impact does the present have on the future.
  16. No. 15 - situations that can not be avoided.
  17. № 16 - the result, which can be obtained as a result of the development of the situation.

Tarot for love

Many lonely girls constantly think and worry about when the situation in their personal lives will change. To get answers to questions, you can conduct a simple guessing. Stir the deck and make a layout, focusing on the drawing. The meaning of Tarot cards in love scenarios is the following:

  1. № 1 - when there will be a meeting with the second half.
  2. # 2 - will there be a sense of security in a new relationship.
  3. №3 - whether to expect a wedding.
  4. № 4 - whether the new relationship will be similar to previous contacts.
  5. No. 5 - whether there will be any financial obligations in the pair.
  6. №6 - for a long time, sincere feelings will remain in the relationship.
  7. № 7 - what you need to do to keep the relationship as long as possible.

Tarot's relationship with a man

Being in a relationship, both men and women worry about the sincerity of a partner and other issues. To understand the situation, you can make a Tarot layout for your personal life. It is necessary to take the deck in hand and for a while to think about the existing relationship. Such Tarot layouts are made using only the older lasso . Mix them and put in front of you only three cards:

  1. The first map will reveal the events of the past that have an impact on what is happening in real life.
  2. On the second map you can learn about the state of things in the present tense.
  3. The last card judges what will happen in the near future.

Tarot for marriage

The presented divination is suitable for girls who are in serious relationship and think about the next step, that is, about a march to the crown. Such simple Tarot layouts for beginners do not require special knowledge and practice. The cards must be arranged according to the picture. The interpretation of divination is as follows:

  1. №1 - gives an answer to the question, which concerns whether it is worth linking yourself to serious relationships.
  2. №2 - will tell, whether there is a desire and readiness of the guy for wedding.
  3. # 3 - will give information on what the relationship is based on.
  4. №4 - will help to understand, whether it is necessary to expect the offer of a hand and heart .
  5. №5 - will tell about the real wedding.
  6. № 6 - gives a characterization of relations.
  7. №7 - informs about the future.

Tarot Tarot per person

There are many predictions that help to know the real feelings of the lover. Expanded information gives the layout of the Tarot on the thoughts of a man called Venus in Scorpio. To begin with, several explanations, so Venus is considered the main planet for the analysis of relationships, and Scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiacal circle, which is associated with strong emotions and passions.

Divination by tarot on the attitude of a person will help to understand the sincerity of feelings and reveal hidden influences on the relationship. With its help you can learn about the development of events and get useful advice. Predictions of the layout are valid for three months. Stir the deck, lay it out like in the picture, and proceed to interpretation:

  1. No. 1 - Relationships with the beloved in the present.
  2. № 2 - the impressions that the partner produces;
  3. № 3 - impressions that have a fortunate man on a partner.
  4. № 4 - real feelings for the chosen one.
  5. № 5 - what the lover feels.
  6. № 6 - a hidden influence on the attitude of a fortunate man.
  7. Number 7 - what effect does the lover have?
  8. №8 - important events in the relations that will arise in the near future.
  9. № 9 - advice regarding the relationship.
  10. № 10 - what will the relationship in the future.

The Tarot for Pregnancy

Women who want to become mothers, in addition to the usual pregnancy test, can use tarot layouts to help them understand if a conception has occurred, whether there will be difficulties with bearing a child, what kind of labor will be, and so on. First you need to choose the main card - S. It is determined depending on who is guessing, that is, this lady and if she has blonde hair, then this should be cups or pentacles, and if dark - wands and swords. To make a fortune telling fortune, you need to make a layout, as shown in the picture.

  1. №1 - describes the present state of health of a woman.
  2. №2 - the answer to the question concerning, whether there was a conception or not. Symbols indicating that there is a pregnancy: Jester, Ace of Coins, Ace of Cups, Empress, Sun, Ten Cups and Eight of Wands.
  3. №3 - will tell about possible problems with conception or the beginning of pregnancy, for example, whether there is a risk of miscarriage and others.
  4. № 4 - describe the healthier the child during gestation.
  5. №5 - helps to understand how the mother will feel during the period of gestation.
  6. №6 - describes the details of the genera themselves.
  7. №7 - tells about the health of the child, who will be born.

Tarot on health

Different fortune-telling are used to understand if there are health problems, what provoked them, what to do to cope with illnesses and so on. Take the deck, hold it in your hands and mix it. Tarot The health is made according to the presented figure.

  1. №1 - state of health for today.
  2. # 2 - a description of the problem, if it exists.
  3. №3 - that could provoke the disease.
  4. № 4 - on what system it is necessary to pay attention.
  5. №5 - hidden information about the disease.
  6. №6 - that at the moment maintains health.
  7. № 7 - on what it is necessary to pay special attention.
  8. Nos. 8 and 9 - which will help to stabilize the health status.
  9. №10 - that will help to be healed.

Tarot for business

The presented divination will help to get information about the current state of affairs, goals, possible prospects and so on. Divination, whose layout is uncomplicated, will give advice or tell about the possible outcome of the conceived case. Mix the deck and make a layout.

  1. №1 - a description of current affairs.
  2. No. 2 - which direction should be chosen, and what goals are set.
  3. №3 - facts that can not be changed.
  4. № 4 - things that can be influenced.
  5. No. 5 - useful advice or summary.

Tarot for work

Existing divination helps to understand the current state of things at work. The presented layout for work shows only the present. After mixing the cards and laying them out, as in the figure, you can proceed to the interpretation.

  1. No. 1 - describes what the guessing person is giving to his work.
  2. №2 - will tell, whether it is necessary to go on victims.
  3. №3 - existing hidden dangers.
  4. №4 - indicates the motivation.
  5. № 5 - the return from work on the enclosed works, which was told card number 1.
  6. №6 - influence of employees on work.

Tarot for money

The financial question is relevant for many people and to understand the situation. Tarot Layouts provide information on the future of well-being and help you learn about the causes of material problems. The duration of their action is a maximum of three months. Tarot is popular with the money "Full cup". Mix the deck and take only four cards, putting them as shown in the picture.

  1. №1 - existing in the present obstacles on the way to financial well-being.
  2. №2 - will tell you about what you need to pay attention to change the situation for the better.
  3. №3 - will describe what does not allow to develop and move forward and what is missing in life.
  4. №4 - will indicate the specific actions that need to be taken to improve the financial situation.

Tarot situation on the situation

The strongest are considered to be gypsy divination , which help to obtain important information. To answer a question concerning any situation, one can use the fortune-telling "Golden Horseshoe". The Gypsy Tarot distribution helps to learn about the future and about how the situation will end. Lay out a deck in front of you and ask a question. After this, Tarot's "Three cards for a situation" is made, for which you get three positions at random.

  1. The first card shows the past, which has an impact on the situation in the present.
  2. Thanks to the second map you can find out about the state of things at the moment.
  3. The remaining map will show how the situation will develop in the near future.