How people imagined the future 100 years ago

Do you want to know what the future imagined, people who lived a hundred or more years ago?

In this collection - postcards, drawn by artists of the XIX and early XX century, in which they reflect on the future. Some of their ideas seem ridiculous and ridiculous, but there are some thoughts that have become reality.

So, how did our ancestors imagine the world of the future?

1. Firefighters work with special wings and quickly reach the highest floors.

2. Knowledge is transmitted directly to the heads of students and students in the form of impulses.

3. Postmen deliver correspondence on small aircrafts.

4. Astronomers work with projections.

5. Farmers manage harvesters remotely.

6. Divers conquer depths on horseback on huge sea horses.

7. Taxi can fly and take customers directly from their balconies.

8. Special machines are engaged in sewing clothes. You are measuring them - they are ready for you.

9. The life of housewives and cleaners was simplified to a minimum, because for the order in the house there is a special device.

10. With such a swimming-flying apparatus it is better not to get involved in a fight.

11. There are incubators, which instantly turn the eggs into chickens.

12. In beauty salons everything is automated.

13. Mansions on wheels allow you to see the world without leaving home.

14. Progress did not pass over the kitchen. Cooks are needed only in order to pick up everything that flies out of special kitchen machines.

15. Traditional tennis is no longer fashionable. Everybody plays tennis.

16. In the orchestra there is only a conductor who manages all the instruments.

17. Airbus operates in all popular destinations.

18. Rescue on water engaged in special maneuverable aircraft.

19. In the cafe, takeaway food can be ordered and received even by pilots of airplanes.

20. In men's hairdressing salons, too, everything is automated.

21. The police, like firefighters, have wings, and it can catch a villain even in the air.

22. Researchers discover unexplored land.

23. Popularity is gaining a new kind of hunting - underwater, for gulls.

24. And extremals are fond of auto-duels.

25. Races on fish collect thousand audience.

26. Fighters resolve any conflicts.

27. Scouts fly on mini-planes.

28. Excursions to museums also became air.

29. As well as hunting.

30. In general, there used to be a fad on flights. Here is an air patrol, for example.

31. Walking under water sometimes ends with meetings with monsters.

32. And the fish in the underwater croquet are not averse to taking part.

33. The usual phenomenon is an underwater taxi.

34. Well, without air thieves, robbing eagle's nests, you can not do ...