Supply system

At present, specialists have developed a large number of different power systems. Some are aimed at improving the body, others help to lose weight, and others implement important principles that facilitate the work of the digestive organs. Consider modern and traditional food systems and evaluate their effectiveness.

Separate power system

Separate food is a system, the principles of which were formed about a hundred years ago. This system assumes a healthy combination of food among themselves, and many of its principles are used in a variety of diets for weight loss.

This system focuses on the combination of products. It is believed that the body is difficult to digest at the same time products that require different enzymes, and hence the rules follow:

Currently, it is believed that the system is erroneous: the body easily produces several types of enzymes at the same time to digest different foods. In addition, there is very little pure protein or pure carbohydrates in nature.

Raw food as a food system

This diet system for losing weight is used very often and is very effective, but it is positioned as a natural food system, which is presented to man by nature. The principles of such a system of human nutrition are simple:

Raw food requires a long transition, the restructuring of the body. But as a result, a person stops at the optimal body weight, feels cheerful and happy, he has strong immunity and a great state of health. Raw food is often used as a short diet for weight loss, and this gives excellent results.

Lose weight for a week

This food system involves the rejection of ordinary food in favor of the company's products, which are low-calorie, balanced and quite palatable. There are several main programs:

This modern food system can not be used as a basic food system for a lifetime (this is the approach taken to mean the power system in the classical sense). This is a method of losing weight, and the menu can be discarded when you have reached the optimal weight. In addition, the program's products are supplemented with special vitamin complexes, which will help to combat the shortage of any elements.

Individual power supply system

Most often, with good fitness clubs, a nutritionist works, which can comprehensively examine you and, based on your type of figure and other numerous parameters, calculate for you the optimal individual diet that will meet your goals.

This is probably one of the best options, after all, so you will search for "your" not by trial, error and experimentation on your own, but immediately get a ready program that will be tailored for all your features. In addition, here you will be able to make a program for sports, which means that you will be fully equipped and able to get a beautiful figure, not only with food, but also with sports.