Sunburn - what to do?

At the height of the beach season, many people, underestimating the treachery of the scorching sun and not observing the precautionary measures, face such a nuisance as a sunburn. Most often, "burn" people with light skin, in the body which produces a minimum amount of pigment melanin, for which even a short stay under direct sunlight causes reddening and burning. Also sunburns often develop in those who sunbathe in the sun during the hours of its highest activity - from 11 to 16.

What should I do if my skin is sunburned at home?

First of all, you should hide from the ultraviolet, preferably in a cool room (if this is not possible, then just in the shade), secure yourself a rest and assess the extent of the lesion. If the burn is light (there is only redness, tenderness when touched, itching), with his treatment you can cope on your own without turning to the doctor. For this, both pharmacy products and recipes of traditional medicine are used.

As a first aid after receiving a sunburn, it is recommended to take the following:

  1. Take a cool shower or bath without the use of detergents, and if a small area of ​​the skin is damaged - make a cool compress (for compress you can use ordinary water, but better - herbal infusion, green tea, mineral water).
  2. Use as much as possible a liquid of room temperature (still water, compotes, juices, weak tea).
  3. To reduce pain, you can take a pill of Paracetamol or Ibuprofen.

Further, the burned skin should be treated with products that help moisturize, relieve inflammation and accelerate the regeneration of tissues. These include:

1. Pharmacy:

2. People's:

At the healing stage, when the exfoliation of the damaged skin layer begins, you can connect the local use of vegetable oils (sea-buckthorn, olive, coconut, etc.) to the treatment.

What should I do if there is a strong sunburn with blisters?

In the case when the skin is damaged severely (with the appearance of severe pain, redness, swelling, blisters with clear and bloody contents, fever, nausea, headache, etc.), you should call an ambulance or go to a medical facility. It should be understood that it is possible to fully assess the extent of the lesion 8-12 hours after the burn, therefore, even if the lesion was not very pronounced at first, but at home it is not possible to relieve the condition and the symptoms are aggravated, you need to see a doctor.

What to do after a sunburn, from which the bubbles remained, should be decided by the doctor after the examination. Usually, if the blisters are small, the treatment tactics are similar to therapy for mild burns, but antiseptic agents should be used to treat the affected area. With large blisters, they are opened to remove the contents.

What can not be done with a sunburn?

Forbidden for sunburns:

  1. Cool the skin with ice.
  2. Use alcohol-containing products, and in the initial period - funds on fat basis.
  3. Stay in the sun until the skin is restored.
  4. Use sponges, alkaline soap, scrubs.
  5. Open the blisters yourself.
  6. Drink alcohol, strong coffee and tea, enhancing dehydration.