Stimulation of births - how to cause childbirth in a natural and artificial way?

Often, women, especially giving birth for the first time, face a lack of labor activity, when the time of appearance of the baby has already approached. As a result, there is a need for such an event as stimulation of labor. Let's consider it in more detail, having named indications, methods and features of realization.

When do stimulation of labor?

The process is carried out solely by the decision of a doctor who is guided by the state of the woman and the fetus. In this case, there are indications for stimulation of childbirth, when it appears, it begins immediately. Among those are:

  1. Term gestation is 41 weeks or more. Obstetricians adhere to the rule of not accelerating the process until this time. But some doctors raise the issue of the birth of a child after 40 weeks. Fears are caused by the fact that the placenta begins to age - the child loses oxygen, which can cause hypoxia. When a woman expects twins, doctors can decide on delivery and at week 38.
  2. Anatomically narrow pelvis. Inconsistency with its size of the fetus, causes difficulties in expelling the fetus. The increase in the mass and size of the child at a later date is at a rapid pace.
  3. The presence of scars on the uterus. They are formed as a result of carried out operations on the reproductive organ. In some cases, the presence of this fact is an indication to the caesarean section.
  4. Leakage of the amniotic fluid. Often, during long gestation, there is a violation of the integrity of the fetal bladder, which leads to a slow release of amniotic fluid outwards. This phenomenon requires the call of labor.

Among other indications for such manipulation, it is worth noting:

Stimulation of labor in the hospital

This process is often resorted to in a medical institution, where the future mother is from 40 weeks. In this case, doctors are convinced beforehand that the cervix is ​​mature and ready for such manipulation. The examination fixes its shortening, softness, small opening - 2 cm. Stimulation of labor in the maternity hospital, as it is described below, is a complex process, fully controlled by medical staff. It can be done by pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods.

The meaning of the first group of techniques for the stimulation of labor is the use of medicines. The basis is made up of hormones that stimulate the maturation of the uterine neck. In addition, their action is aimed at relaxing the lower divisions and the uterus and producing oxytocin. This hormone can also be injected intravenously, in order to increase the concentration in the blood. As preparations, prostaglandins can also be used.

Non-pharmacological methods of approaching the period of delivery, used by doctors, are as follows:

Tablets for the stimulation of childbirth

Such funds are used exclusively in the conditions of a medical center, under the supervision of doctors. The mechanism of their action is based on the suppression of progesterone, which leads to an increase in the contractile activity of uterine myometrium. Among the medicines of this group is:

  1. Mifepristone. This remedy is also used for the purpose of interrupting pregnancy on a short term. Blocks the action of the hormone progesterone. As a result, after a short time, there is a reduction in the muscular structures of the uterus.
  2. Miropristone is often used to stimulate delivery. The preparation is based on the substance discussed above. The principle of operation is the same.
  3. Mifegin. Perfectly tolerated by parturients, almost no side effects. The action after the application begins, after a few hours.

Gel for stimulation of childbirth

Talking about how to stimulate childbirth in the hospital, you need to name and gel. Every woman has heard of such a tool. This method is gentle, because it is to create a special hormonal background. The tool is used if:

The agent is inserted into the posterior vaginal vault. Manipulation is controlled by gynecological mirrors. If the substance is injected directly into the cervical canal, hyperstimulation may occur. After the procedure, so that the remedy does not leak out, the woman waits for about 30 minutes - is in a horizontal position, lying on her back. The drug begins to act after 40 minutes.

Stimulation of labor by puncturing the bladder

Weak contractile activity of uterine myometrium strongly inhibits the process of delivery. The easiest way to speed it up is amniotomy. It is conducted in a medical setting, when the contractions are unproductive and weak. If we consider the process, describe how the stimulation of childbirth takes place in this way, then it should be noted that no preliminary preparation is required.

A pregnant woman may not suspect anything. At the next gynecological examination the doctor breaks the integrity of the bladder. This is followed by the passage of amniotic fluid. As a result of this procedure, the pressure inside the uterus decreases. In this case, doctors note the increased impact of the fetal head on the pelvic bone. This provokes the opening of the cervix, which causes the birth process.

Natural stimulation of childbirth

This technique is simple and can be used independently by women. But before you can stimulate birth in such ways, it is worth consulting with your doctor. After all, it is not always possible to approximate the date of delivery - it is contraindicated if the cervix is ​​not yet ripe. Among the main ways of such stimulation is:

Exercises to stimulate delivery

Physicians respond positively about this method of approaching the day of childbirth, as moderate physical activity. Stimulation of births in this way is a simple variant of approximating the date of delivery. Walking helps to increase the tone of the uterine myometrium, which leads to increased contractility of its muscle fibers. Daily walks for 2-3 hours contribute to an early delivery.

Squats with a pedestal is an excellent method to reduce the waiting period for a child. For this exercise, you can use a chair or chair with a high back. Squat is necessary, keeping your back straight. Perform the exercise better than 10 repetitions. You can do 3-4 approaches at a time. It should be borne in mind that such an option as lifting weights, strength exercises, can not be used for this purpose. Talking about how to stimulate births on their own, doctors note that to help speed up the process can cleaning up the house, climbing the floor on the stairs.

Stimulation of nipples before childbirth

The most famous and available method, requiring a minimum of effort. Massage of the nipples for the stimulation of labor is advised by almost all doctors. It is necessary to avoid excessive squeezing of this area. Movements should be smooth, easy. Carried out 2-3 times a day. The duration of each is 15 minutes. Light stroking and tingling of the nipples causes synthesis of the hormone oxytocin, which causes a reduction in myometrium.

Sex for the stimulation of childbirth

Thinking about how to stimulate childbirth at home, what methods to use, the first thing that pregnant women do is renew sexual relations. The presence of prostaglandins in the ejaculate leads to the rapid maturation of cervix. It should be borne in mind that such stimulation of labor is used only until the moment of the outflow of amniotic fluid. The method is contraindicated if there is a low attachment of the placenta, there is a partial or premature detachment.

What is dangerous for the stimulation of childbirth?

Talking about whether the birth stimulation is dangerous, doctors notice that the process proceeds without complications, if fully controlled by physicians and conducted in a medical institution. Among the negative consequences of such manipulation is:

Stimulation of births - "for" and "against"

This question does not have an unambiguous answer. Stimulation of birth, good or bad it - doctors say differently. Some argue that any artificial interference in the natural process is fraught with consequences. Others, on the contrary, hold the view that manipulation is fully controlled, so it is easy to speed up the course of labor. It is worth noting that cases are recorded where the stimulation of labor is not effective. In this situation, they resort to a cesarean section.

Stimulation of labor - consequences

The process can have negative consequences due to inexperience of medical personnel or because of an error. Talking about the impact of stimulation of childbirth on the child, doctors note that the use of drugs does not affect his health. Problems can arise directly during childbirth. It is noted that: