What is the name of Xenia?

Xenia's name begins with a sharp, clear "Xe" and ends with a smooth, passive "attitude". A girl with this name can be bright and interesting, but will hide her dignity because of innate modesty.

Xenia, translated from Greek, means - "guest", "stranger", "foreign", "hospitality".

Origin of the name Xenia:

There are two versions of the origin of this name.

According to the first version, Xenia's name came from the Greek word "Xenia", which means "stranger", "stranger". In Russia, because of the habit of adding a vowel to words beginning with two consonants, the name has been transformed into Aksinya.

The second version says that Xenia is a diminutive of the Greek name Polixenia, meaning "hospitable".

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Xenia:

Since childhood Ksusha loves to play dolls. The best gifts for her will be various toy items of family life - dishes, doll houses, strollers. Kindness, tenderness and sensitivity in it are laid from birth. Ksenia is a very sincere, open and honest person. She is easily deceived, she is very trusting. By nature, Xenia is an altruist, always ready to rush to the aid of a loved one. Xenia is a sweet, calm and obedient child.

At school I study well. Extremely assiduous, attentive and accurate. He carries out all orders with "excellent". Teachers praise her for her diligence, Ksyusha prefers to be friends with her peers, she ignores conflicts.

A girl with this name is suitable for any job that requires the ability to delve into various trifles. From Xenia are obtained excellent documentaries, lawyers, librarians, teachers. If Ksyusha is involved in the management of a project, then he is most likely to be brought to an end, and qualitatively and on time. To do this, she will help her employees in the work on the tasks of the project, and sometimes, they can start working instead of them.

In partners, Ksenia chooses a capable and confident man. Since Xenia is very weak from childhood, she is very important precisely for stable relationships, and in marriage - fidelity and the opportunity to reveal her femininity. She is very well versed in men, able to catch any lie in the words of a loved one.

For an adult Ksenia, creating a family is a priority. She - a wonderful mother and wife, is able to fully surround with love and care for both her husband and children.

In Xenia's husbands, a strong man with strong temperament, with well-developed logic, is ideally suited. He must be a very skilled lover, a good understanding of the desires of women. To Xenia was for her husband an assistant in his affairs, a reliable home front, she needed to feel spiritual intimacy with her chosen one. She is very devoted to her beloved person.

In sex, a woman with this name is devoid of complexes, likes improvisation and experiments. She wants to reign in bed, often aggressive, in the partner sees only an object for pleasure. If a man is only interested in sex, then Xenia is great for the role of a lover.

The first marriage in Xenia often happens unhappy and ends with a divorce. And since this woman does not like to change her partner, in a similar situation, she falls into depression. To get her out of this state, she needs to start a new relationship with a very caring and patient man, capable not only of "taking", but of "giving" equally.


Interesting facts about the name of Xenia:

In Orthodoxy, the name is patronized by Saint Xenia of Petersburg. According to legend, Xenia lost her husband early, after which, after declaring that her deceased husband's soul had moved into her, she sold all her possessions and began to wander, helping the sick, poor, orphans and predicting the future, for which she was considered blessed.

The name Xenia is not very popular, most often found in urban girls.

Unlike Xenia, its derivative form - Oksana, is very popular in Ukraine.

Xenia's name in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Xenia Xenia Xenia, Xenia, Aksyukh, Aksyusha, Asya, Xenia, Xenia, Xen, Xenius, Senyura, Aksya, Aksyunya Ksenia, Ksyunya, Xunya, Ksyushenka, Xenia, Xyura, Ksiuta, Senya, Sena, Ksyusha, Aksya, Aksyunya,, Ksyura, Ksiuta, Ksyusha, Aksyuta, Xenia, Xenia

Color of the name Xenia : silver gray

Flower of Xenia : cypress

The Xenia Stone : chalcedony

Nicky for the name Xenia / Ksusha : Ksyushka, Xu, XU, Baby, Mouse, Bunny, Xenia, Xenon, Xenon, Xerol