Stewed cabbage is good and bad

Stewed cabbage is a delicious, simple and inexpensive dish, which is very often seen on our tables. It is loved for its versatility and accessibility, as it can be served both as a side dish and as a snack, used as a basis for salads and pie fillings, add to minced meat, etc. It's easy to cook, the ingredients can be bought at any store, and more often - they are part of the "strategic stock", always present in the refrigerator. In everyday life, we are so used to this dish that we do not even think about what the benefits and harm of stewed cabbage are. And meanwhile, this product may be contraindicated for some people, but for others, it can be cured.

Is cabbage useful?

Most often, white cabbage is used for suppression, although any other kind of this vegetable can be used: color, Brussels, Beijing, broccoli. Stew can not only fresh vegetables, but also frozen, pickled, canned. Useful properties of stewed cabbage are determined by the composition of its ingredients. For example, the most useful is a dish that includes only vegetables, mushrooms and legumes, with a small amount of oil and salt. With the addition of nuts, meat or fat, the product will become more nutritious, but more caloric.

The use of stewed cabbage is that it contains a lot of valuable vitamins and trace elements, which were present in fresh vegetables. Here are vitamins A , B, C, K, PP, potassium, magnesium, a large amount of calcium, pectin, lactose, protein. The dish perfectly satisfies the hunger, without causing gravity in the stomach. It can be eaten even by people who can not in large quantities eat fresh vegetables because of increased acidity, gastritis or chronic peptic ulcer. But besides the benefits and harm, stewed cabbage also has. It can call for bloating, flatulence, constipation, problems with the intestines, if there is it in large quantities and every day.

Diet on stewed cabbage

This dish is almost always low-calorie - about 100 kcal. Therefore, nutritionists recommend using stewed cabbage for weight loss, but within reasonable limits. Dietary dish should be prepared without animal fats from some vegetables, it is also permissible to add lean meat, mushrooms, potatoes, legumes, but not too much.

The essence of the diet is to replace lunch and dinner with braised cabbage. For breakfast, low-fat cottage cheese / one boiled egg and unsweetened tea or coffee are allowed.

Do not limit your diet to one stewed cabbage for more than five to seven days.