Smell from the mouth - causes and treatment

This problem is not discussed aloud. Even the closest people discuss it extremely rarely. But everyone should know about the main causes and methods of treatment of bad breath. After all, this is not just an unpleasant, but also a dangerous phenomenon. Sometimes it can indicate serious abnormalities in the body's work, with which it is necessary to start a fight as soon as possible.

The main causes of halitosis

Few know that bad breath has a scientific name. Even a few. The most famous of them is halitosis. In addition, the problem can be diagnosed as ozostomia or dentistry.

Causes and treatment of bad smell from the mouth may differ depending on what kind of diagnosis is made. And distinguish such forms of the disease:

  1. True halitosis is diagnosed in the event that an unpleasant smell is actually present, it is felt by the patient himself and the people around him.
  2. Pseudohalitosis is a phenomenon when a person's breathing is not very fresh, but one can feel it only with very close contact.
  3. Galithophobia is more of a psychological problem. It is related to the fact that a person is sure of the presence of the disease, but none of the tests of signs shows it.

Determine the cause and prescribe the treatment can be by the nature of bad breath:

  1. The "scent" of garbage cans or foul eggs occurs in patients who eat meat in too large quantities.
  2. The smell of acetone begins when there are abnormalities in the pancreas.
  3. Treatment of sour odor from the mouth is required due to gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. If a bitter taste in the mouth is added to the uncomfortable notes, then, most likely, the problem is in the gall bladder. Very often, the main symptoms are accompanied by the appearance of a yellowish coating on the tongue .
  5. The causes of the appearance of the smell of stool from the mouth are serious, and they need to be treated very quickly. As a rule, such a symptom appears when the process of toxin withdrawal is disturbed. This condition is dangerous because the body begins to be etched with its own waste.
  6. The urine begins to stink with kidney disease.

An important role is played by the patient's diet. If a person drinks a lot of coffee and eats food with a high protein content, teeth and tongue form a foul smell almost immediately.

Treatment of a strong odor from the mouth may be required and for reasons of diseases such as:

Treatment of halitosis

First of all, as happens with most diseases, you need to determine the cause of putrefactive odor from the mouth and only then begin treatment. Only by eliminating the source, you can get rid of the main manifestations of ozostomy. It is necessary to start the diagnosis from the dentist's office, he, perhaps, will send further - to the nephrologist, gastroenterologist, therapist or other narrow specialist.

If the cause of fetid smell from the mouth is a violation of hygiene, treatment with folk remedies is permissible:

  1. Light "dushok", which appeared after eating, can be removed with a mint chewing gum or simply brushing your teeth.
  2. Special antibacterial rinses help well. They remove most of the dangerous microorganisms from the oral cavity.
  3. Effective rinsing with tea. Not too hot, but a freshly brewed drink will replace the toothpaste or thread. Tea, if necessary, can be replaced by a decoction of bitter wormwood, strawberry leaves, chamomile, oak bark, anise seeds, St. John's wort, cinnamon, dill, mint, parsley leaves or cloves.
  4. Quickly and deliciously clean off the plaque by eating a fresh apple.