Steampunk style clothing

Steampunk is a bright modern style that appeared in the 80s. His idea is based on the direction of science fiction, which models a modern civilization that has mastered the technology of steam engines and mechanics. The emphasis in steampunk style is on the anti-utopian images described in the first fantastic literature. Many analysts predict that in 2013 there will be a consumer boom in clothing and accessories in the style of steampunk and many of the largest manufacturers of jewelry, clothing and accessories will begin to produce products in this style.

Style steampunk in clothes

In the clothes of this style there is a mixture of modernity and antiquity. It is made of rough fabric with large seams, zippers and leather women's belts that attract attention. Basically, these are long coats, narrow corsets, original vests or aristocratic costumes decorated with brooches in the form of gears, pocket watches with a mechanism outwards or pendants made of cogs.

Dresses in the style of steampunk, as a rule, imply stylization under the era of early capitalism and Victorian England in the second half of the 19th century. They can look like cynical, with an emphasis on vanity, anger and lust, and pessimistic with parodic and humorous motifs.

Usually things in the style of steampunk reflect the nature of the owner and his nature, sometimes making him look like an aristocrat, who came from the last century.

Decorations and accessories in style steampunk

Decorations in the steampunk style look authentic, sometimes reminding museum exhibits. Such attributes clearly express the mechanical nature of the lover of this style, as well as the fusion of technological modernity and the mechanical past. Very harmoniously complement the image of such decorations and accessories as gear parts of mechanisms, earrings and pendants made of rusty metal, various measuring instruments, large umbrellas with wooden handles, and goggles in the steampunk style.