Sanatoriums of Montenegro

Not only for the sake of beautiful sunbathing and hiking in the mountains people go to Montenegro. Here, surrounded by picturesque nature are well-known to the whole of Europe, the sanatorium of Montenegro . They come here for treatment and rehabilitation and in parallel enjoy all the amenities of the resorts .

general information

Sanatoriums in Montenegro, where people go for treatment, are on the beach, and in appearance they do not differ from any apartments. After passing the prescribed procedures, patients can go swimming or sunbathing, unless it is prohibited by the doctor. Do not think that a sanatorium is a hospital. Here everything is equipped with the latest technology, and rooms for living can not be distinguished from an expensive hotel room.

Igalo - the most popular sanatorium in Montenegro

Most visitors tend to get into one of the two sanatoria, which have a different profile and approach to treatment. Both are located near Tivat in the picturesque Boka Bay of Kotor.

So, the health resort Igalo in Montenegro is the most famous not only here, but also outside the country. Here they are engaged both in direct treatment and rehabilitation after the transferred diseases. The full name of the institution is the Institute of Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation of Dr. Simo Milosevic. People of any age can be treated here - from children to the elderly. Here they are engaged in rehabilitation after:

Children's rehabilitation includes combating:

In the Igalo sanatorium, procedures are carried out to overcome the problems of excess weight (different types of obesity), diabetes, and are engaged in the prevention of osteoporosis and depressive conditions. This sanatorium is the most popular gout treatment in Montenegro.

Here you can arrange accommodation such as full board, half board and overnight / breakfast. Children up to 2 years can live free of charge, and from 2 to 12 years old - pay 50% of the cost of an adult voucher.

Medical-tourist health resort Vrmac

Montenegro's sanatoriums with treatment at sea have always been popular. After all, the royal family went to be treated "on the water." No less well-known health resort Vrmac, located in the town of Prcanj, only 7 km from Kotor , in the most beautiful part of the famous bay. He belongs to the Institute of Rehabilitation of Belgrade. This multi-purpose institution is both medical and tourist. A group of professional doctors treat here problems with breathing, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular diseases. The cost of treatment and accommodation here starts from 25 euros per person.

The sanatorium has its own beach about 1 km in length. Climatic conditions perfectly contribute to the recovery of patients of all age groups. The institution applies melodies such as infrared and ultraviolet radiation, laser and magnetotherapy, thermal and hydrotherapy, algae treatment.

Residents of the hotel-sanatorium for 210 places are offered: