Plots for Epiphany - the most effective plots and rituals

One of the most important holidays in Christianity is Baptism, which is celebrated on January 19. This day and the period before it - the Saints, are an ideal period for carrying out various magical rituals, as they will certainly give the result, if everything is done correctly.

What conspiracies do Baptism do?

Church holidays are considered to be a particularly suitable time for various rituals that help to correct possible problems and adjust the situation in different spheres. There are strong conspiracies for Epiphany, which improve the financial situation, attract luck and soul mate, get rid of enemies, strengthen health and so on. In order to give the desired results, it is recommended that several important rules be taken into account.

  1. To strengthen the power of magical rituals, it is recommended first to turn to the saints and read the prayers, asking God for forgiveness and for help.
  2. It is best to read the magical texts, facing the east.
  3. To begin with, concentrate on the purpose of the ritual, take a deep breath and calm down.
  4. If possible, then the text of the conspiracy is recommended to learn by heart.
  5. It is important not to make stops, not to make mistakes and not to stammer, as this will knock off the energy flow.
  6. To enhance the result, it is recommended that you reinforce the reading of the text with visualization, that is, as accurately as possible, that the desired became a reality.

Conspiracy for money for Epiphany

Many people turn to magical help in order to fix their financial situation. Special rituals can be spent on Baptism, using water that has tremendous power and is capable of doing miracles. It is recommended to type it in metal dishes that are not painted. To read the plots in Epiphany for money, you need to wait until midnight, when the magical energy reaches its peak.

Prepare a cross to be made from conifer wood. A simpler version is to tie two branches crosswise. It must be attached to the inside of the container, where the water will be drawn, for this purpose you can use, for example, a paper clip. Another three traditional church candles follow in the same way. Type in water for Baptism in a prepared container and throw three coins of different denominations there, and it is better if they are of different metals. Read the plot for profit on it, and then, use a liquid for washing.

Plots for Epiphany for Luck

For any person, luck is a welcome companion in life, because it helps in different spheres to achieve the desired. All this explains the popularity of rituals aimed at attracting it. Epiphany conspiracies for luck have tremendous power, helping all people who correctly pronounce them and believe in a positive outcome. The result will be maintained throughout the year.

It is necessary to prepare a church candle , a glass of consecrated water and a slice of black bread. The ritual should be started early in the morning before sunrise alone. In the room, light the candle, and hold the bread in your left hand, and the water in the right hand. Look at the flame of the candle and say the conspiracy on the Epiphany night for good luck, and then, eat the bread and drink it with water. You must put out the candle with your fingers. On the same day it is important to go to church and put a candle stump there, which was used in the ritual, near the image of Jesus Christ. / P>

Plots for Baptism to fulfill the desire

Each person has dreams, but they are not carried out by many, and to increase the chances of realizing one's plans, one can use magic rituals. The most effective are conspiracies for Epiphany and other church holidays. For the presented ritual it is necessary to prepare a clean handkerchief, but it should not be new, so take the one that was used earlier, because it will save the energy.

Keeping a handkerchief in hand, you need to focus on your dream and three times to yourself clearly express your desire. After that, read over him a plot to desire Baptism. When the words are spoken, the kerchief should be tied in a knot. As a result, you will get a kind of talisman, which is important to be constantly worn next to you, for example, in your pocket or bag, until desire becomes a reality.

Plots for Epiphany on January 19 for love

During the winter holidays, many women perform different rituals to attract love . There are special love conspiracies for Epiphany, which are considered spells, but their action is not aimed at attracting a particular person, but on the attraction of true feelings. During the pronunciation of magical words the girl asks the Higher Powers for happiness, mutual feelings, well-being and so on.

They begin the ritual at midnight and for its realization it is necessary to go to the nearest pond. Put on a white shirt, the length of which should reach the heel. Stand on the shore, say a special plot to Baptism and bathe in water. After that, you can take off your shirt, dress and go home, not talking to anyone on the way. The shirt should be dried and hidden away from prying eyes. From this moment it will be a kind of talisman of family well-being.

Plots for Epiphany for Marriage

To increase your chances of meeting the second half and getting a proposal from her hand and heart, you can read the plot on the Epiphany water, the power of which has been known since ancient times. To conduct the ritual, go to the temple and type in the baptismal water, which must be divided into three equal parts. One should drink, the second - wash and mix with the third part. After that, you need to pour water at the entrance to your house, telling the plot.

Conspiracy to Baptism to Get Pregnant

In a situation where medicine does not produce any results, people start looking for other ways to correct the situation. There are women who say that they were helped by baptismal rites and conspiracies, which allowed to remove possible blocks and increased the chances of successful conception. For the ritual, you need to take the wedding ring, wrap it in a clean white handkerchief and tell the plot. It is important to wear it in your pocket before a successful pregnancy.

Conspiracy for Health at Epiphany

For a happy life a person needs not millions and other benefits, but health that can not be bought. There are various conspiracies on Epiphany that deal with this important topic. With their help you can get rid of diseases and improve your overall health by preventing problems. For them, baptismal water is often used, which changes its properties and has enormous power.

Epiphany conspiracies are usually read at night, when the concentration of magical energy is the greatest and the chances for successful implementation of the ritual significantly increase. On water, you need to say three times a special word. It is customary to wash up with water every day for a week and it is important not to make passes. Thanks to such a simple ritual, you can get health and longevity.

The conspiracy for baptism for youth and beauty

It is difficult to find a woman who does not worry about her appearance. Since ancient times, they have used the power of magic to conduct various rituals aimed at getting rid of any external flaws, increasing attractiveness and so on. Popular conspiracies for Epiphany, which help during the year to maintain beauty, freshness and youth. In the morning of January 19, it is necessary to go to the pond at sunrise, where there is an ice hole. Stand in front of him on his knees so that his face is directed to the east. If there is frost, then be sure to break it.

Before using water, conspiracy to baptism is spoken on her, and this ritual is no exception. After the words are spoken, it is necessary to collect water from the ice hole in the palm of your hand and wash it, and then cross yourself. Repeat this procedure three times. Get up off your knees and reach for the sun, smiling. Conducting such a simple rite for every Baptism can save your youth and beauty for many years.

Conspiracy to Baptism for Weight Loss

To cope with the problem of excess weight, people use different techniques, for example, sit on diets, intensively engage in sports, use medicines and even turn to magical powers. The actual topic is what kind of conspiracy for baptism is better to read in order to lose weight, so water is traditionally used for this purpose, which on that day has great power. It is important to say that only people who are baptized can perform the ritual.

On the night of the 18 th to the 19 th you need to get water, both in a pond and just from the tap. She conspired to a special conspiracy, which charges her to help lose weight. The concocted liquid can be drunk, added to various dishes and drinks, washed in the morning and before going to bed. The duration of such rituals is a month. If at least one day is missed, you will have to start everything from the very beginning.

A conspiracy to work for Epiphany

Finding a good job that will not only please, but also bring good earnings is a difficult task. Competition in the labor market is big and you can use magical help to attract good luck and increase your chances of finding the right place. For those who are interested in what conspiracies are doing at Epiphany, we offer one of the effective options. On the night of the feast day it is necessary, looking at the sky, to say these words:

Plots for Epiphany from Enemies

It is difficult to meet a person who does not have ill-wishers and envious persons, and they, as you know, can cause many problems in life. In order to protect themselves from them and protect themselves from possible negative, different magical rituals are used. The conspiracies on the night of Epiphany, which are slandered by the water, have great power, since it has at that time divine energy. Closer to midnight, you need to get liquid into the glass and read the seven times the plot. Then drink it and go to sleep.