Oils for hair from split ends

As you know, no modern drugs and novelties of cosmetics to care for curls are not able to glue, restore, revive already-sliced ​​tips. Such promises are just an advertising move to increase sales, you can get rid of the existing problem only with the help of scissors. But to prevent re-delamination is easy, if after cutting regularly apply oil for hair from split ends. They will allow you to forget about such defects and grow beautiful, neat and long strands.

Is hair oil effective against split ends?

The main cause of the problem under consideration is insufficient nutrition and moistening of the ends. Because of this they drastically dry out and separate.

Oils saturated with vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, help soften the curls and give them a silky shine. They also carefully take care of the tips of the strands, avoiding loss of moisture and enriching them with the necessary components.

Which oil is best for split ends of hair?

Olive unrefined oil is considered to be a universal base for making masks and simply applying to curls. It has a light texture and excellent moisturizing properties, which makes it possible to use it in the treatment of strands of any type.

Castor oil and jojoba oil for split ends of hair are recommended if the scalp is prone to fat. These products are washed off well, leaving no unpleasant sebaceous film, nourish and saturate vitamins with problem zones of the head of hear.

Popular burdock oil from split ends of hair is better suited to owners of dry scalp. It not only reduces brittleness and prevents delamination, but also fights with loss and dandruff.

Trichologists note that other basic oils can be used to treat this ringlets defect:

Essential oils against split ends of hair

Strengthen the effect of the application of the above products can be, if for every 15-20 ml of base oil, add 2-3 drops of concentrated ether. Such agents promote a deeper penetration of nutrients into the porous structure of the hair.

With split ends, these essential oils help: