Christian Dior

The name of Christian Dior is inextricably linked with the notion of high fashion. Today, clothes from Dior are considered a sign of style and good taste. Visions of collections of a fashion house are visited by celebrities, politicians and the first persons of the states from all world.

Attraction to art

Biography of Christian Dior is related to the war period, since it was at that time that his career as a designer began. Living in Paris and having the opportunity to visit art galleries, art exhibitions and museums, Christian was imbued with art in his youth. Rather well-to-do parents tried to create all the conditions for their son's carefree childhood. With the assistance of his father, Dior and his friend opened an art gallery, and with it the door to the world of art.

Soon Christian began to sell his sketches of hats and clothes. And although the hats, according to eyewitnesses, turned out to be much better for him, the young man decided to bet on modeling clothes. The time will pass and the fashion of Christian Dior will become a world heritage. But at that time he himself was a student. His superiors and ideological inspirers were Robert Pige and Lucien Lelong. They saw in him a talent and helped to form a good taste for elegance, which after Dior embodied in his own collections.

Start a professional career

At the age of 37, Christian Dior opened a perfumery laboratory, which today is one of the leading in the world. And for many decades, the style of perfume created by Dior himself has not changed: the medallions of Louis XVI, the tender tones of pink, gray and white, ribbons and paper with the texture of "crow's feet."

Perfume from Dior is a continuation of fashion, the final stage in the creation of the female image.

Opening of the House of Fashion Dior

After the end of the war, in 1946, the fashion house Christian Dior was opened in the tired of the dull Paris. His new vision of a woman's dress turned the existing canons and returned Paris the status of the capital of fashion. Dior created a dress with a lush skirt and tight corset. Talia was always emphasized by the belt. His romantic collection was named New Look ("New Look") and to this day remains a source of inspiration for many modern designers.

It was this new view of the female fashion in the post-war period that opened Diora to his future popularity. The designer has become recognized and loved not only in Europe, but also far beyond its borders. He began to use in his new collections of luxurious fabrics, bright colors and unusual silhouettes. Some perceived his art with admiration, others criticized, but Christian did not stop there. Each of his new design idea was a reflection of the world of beauty, its diversity and grace.

The "revolution" of Christian Dior

Dior has many discoveries in the fashion world. This is the release of clothing under a license agreement, and the use of rock crystal ornaments, and the invention of essences for perfumes. Dior also created a lot of stage costumes for films and productions. His excellent taste and ability to combine high fashion and scenography made him his favorite designer Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich.

Christian Dior worked in his fashion house for only ten years. But in this short period of time, he managed to bring it to the world level. By signing contracts and selling licenses first in cities Europe, and then all over the world, Christian managed to create a network of production of their models.

Fashion house Dior continues to work and develop after the death of Christian. He became a launching pad for many eminent couturiers. Yves Saint-Laurent, Marc Boan, Gianfranco Ferro, John Galliano succeeded each other as the leading fashion designer Christian Dior.

Today, Christian Dior is a global brand that produces not only clothing, but also footwear, underwear, perfumes, accessories and jewelry. His collections are presented on High Fashion Week and always find admiring reviews of fashion connoisseurs haute couture.