A glass of "Hurricane"

If you want to organize an evening according to all the rules of dining etiquette, then you need not only to know where to place the instruments correctly, but also what to pour in various drinks. In this article, we will talk about the purpose of the Hurricane Glass.

What does the Hurricane glass look like?

"Hurricane" is a curved glass, reminiscent of the contours of the hurricane, for which he was so named. In addition, many of its shape resembles old caps for oil lamps or a pear with an expanded neck. The main bowl is located on a short leg, which can be cleanly even, curved or with a small ball in the middle. If it is not available, then such a container is called the Hurricane glass. With the same shape, the Hurricane glass has a different capacity: the smallest is 230 ml (almost 8 ounces), and the largest - 650 ml (22 ounces). The most common is a volume of 440 ml (15 ounces). Virtually every manufacturer of bar glass has in the range of several types of these glasses.

The purpose of the Hurricane glass

This interesting glass is not recommended for use with homogeneous beverages, such as wine or cognac. It is designed for exotic monochrome or colorful cocktails. They can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, the main thing is that they use natural fruit juice, which will give the drink a sweet taste. Bartenders often use a Hurricane glass for cocktails whipped in an ice blender, such as Blue Hawaii, Pina Colada, or Banana Colada. They are served with a straw and an ornament around the edge.

If you want to host a Hawaiian party at home, then the Hurricane glass, decorated with a slice of orange or lemon, will help create the atmosphere of a tropical resort.