New Year's plaid with sleeves

All of us have long appreciated the convenience of rugs. They can hide, sitting on the couch in their living room, on the open verandah , in the cafe and even on the plane! We produce rugs from various materials - wool, microfiber, bamboo fiber, fleece, faux fur, etc.

Warm plaid with sleeves

In the form of plaids are not only standard, rectangular. One of the novelties is an unusual plaid with sleeves. This veil has its obvious advantages: in comparison with traditional models, it is much more convenient, because it does not fall down and does not move from the upper part of the body of the person sheltered by it. This is achieved through a special cut: you put your hands in your sleeves, and cover the legs with the lower part of the rug. In addition, hands remain free - you can easily keep a cup, phone or book and even work on a computer, while being warmly sheltered. Plaid with sleeves - an excellent find for those who are always cold! For this thing, even came up with a special name - "rukopled."

Such plaids are also interesting in terms of design: they are not only monophonic, but also decorated with different patterns. A very fashionable model today is the New Year's plaid with sleeves depicting deer, snowflakes, stars, etc. These patterns refer to Norwegian types of ornaments, which are sometimes called Scandinavian or Jacquard. Plaid with sleeves can be any color: green, red, blue, white. An even more creative option is a plaid with the image of Santa Claus, more precisely, his clothes. Covered with such a rug, the man looks as if he is dressed in Santa's costume, which looks very funny.

Especially popular are plaids with sleeves made of fleece and microfiber. These materials, although synthetic, have their advantages. They pass air and moisture, creating a comfortable microclimate under the rug.