Reiling systems for the kitchen - how best to equip the working area in the kitchen?

Having installed the railing systems for the kitchen, you will be able to easily and correctly organize the space in a complex room, where every centimeter of the workplace represents value. This convenient invention is an excellent alternative to standard drawers and cumbersome mezzanines.

What do they hang on the railings in the kitchen?

The modest size of the kitchen makes housewives invent different ways to place their numerous accessories and household tools. In a limited space drawers often create inconvenience, besides this, you want to have the necessary accessories at your fingertips. A great way out of the situation - simple and functional railing systems for the kitchen, which have a lot of advantages.

In the simplest version, this product is a round or square tube installed above the worktop. Now there are several varieties of this device, differing in design and method of attachment. You can easily choose the model of the crossbar in the appropriate style, so that the rail in the kitchen in the interior looked beautiful and successfully fit into the situation. With the help of hooks, chains and other devices on it housewives have shelves for spices, baskets with utensils, towels and even pots with beautiful pots.

Variants of using railing systems in the kitchen:

  1. Breadbasket on the railings in the kitchen - a suspension model of the box for storing bread is issued in classical or any modern shape, it allows you to remove the bulky product from the countertop.
  2. The clock on the kitchen railing is a good alternative to the wall model, it can be mounted on the table top or fixed to the bar, the big dial will be constantly in front of the chef while preparing a complex dish.
  3. Baskets for railing on the home kitchen - a deep hanging container suitable for several small packages, tall bottles, dimensional items.
  4. Shelves for railings to the kitchen - with the help of a long ledge, several metal or plastic platforms of various sizes can be placed in a row to store jars, small tools, cleaners.
  5. Flowers on the railings in the home kitchen - a great way to revitalize the work area and decorate the interior with live green plants, without taking up space on the table or on the windowsill.

How to choose rails for the kitchen?

At home, horizontal, suspended, vertical and retractable railing systems are used. All of them have the most important advantage - convenient access to stored items. When buying this product, you need to pay attention to the material of hooks, holders and rods. All details of the railing systems for the kitchen should be made of moisture-resistant stainless steel or strong plastic. It is desirable to select the design of this useful device, taking into account the installed furniture, the style of the interior, the dimensions of the room.

Advantages of using railing systems for the kitchen:

  1. The workplace is unloaded from numerous small items.
  2. All accessories and tools are at arm's length.
  3. Simple installation.
  4. Affordable cost.
  5. A sturdy construction, while observing the installation rules, is able to withstand heavy weight.
  6. Large selection of models in different styles.
  7. The order of placement of hinged objects can be easily changed if necessary.

Minuses of the railing systems for the kitchen:

  1. Kitchen utensils are constantly on view, which in some housewives causes discontent.
  2. Tools and other things on open shelves are quickly covered with dust and soot.

Corner rail for kitchen

Angle rails are beneficial to use in an interior with a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen set. Practical adapters, easy-to-use holders and connecting bushings make the pipe wall mounting a simple task even for the layman. To fill the "dead" zone comfortable corner hanging shelves are produced, so the railing system for the kitchen allows maximum use of the working space in a room with any configuration.

Vertical railing for kitchen

This type of railings is a metal pipe, which is fastened between the table top and the ceiling, the top and the upper tier of the furniture set, the floor and the ceiling. More often produce products from shiny chrome-plated metal, but you can easily purchase railing for kitchen black, bronze or other color. They look good in the kitchen with a bar counter and are often used for zoning space.

Flat railing for kitchen

Flat curtain rails for the kitchen have their advantages. In the interior, this detail looks less rude and does not stand out against the general background. For wall mounting of a flat profile, separate brackets are not required, and the fastening points are easily closed with a plug. The ease of moving the hanging shelves horizontally does not suffer, the mobility of the system is provided by the presence of a continuous groove or single numerous slits on the front side.

Reilings for kitchen with lighting

Modern suspended railing for the kitchen can perform several tasks, for example, combine the function of storing household items with an effective illumination of the work area. Depending on the size of the device, separate fluorescent lamps with a power of 8 W to 21 W or LED strips are installed. Fixtures-rails are equipped with push-button switches and are protected from a moisture by silicone overlays.

Retractable railing for kitchen

Retractable railing systems allow you to hide the necessary kitchen tools and accessories in the depth of furniture facades, which gives a number of valuable advantages. All accessories in this option are at the hostess directly in the work area, but they are covered with a facade and are not covered with dust. Ordering the built-in furniture, you can provide special departments with baskets for bottles with vinegar and oil, spices, cereals, towels. Retractable railing systems for the kitchen with products and household chemicals it is desirable to separate the blind partitions.

Railings for kitchen - chrome

Chromed coating is a durable and practical material for any kitchen equipment. He is not afraid of evaporation, is not covered in the process of exploitation by rust, looks great in the situation. Under the color of the metal bar, it is desirable to select all the basic accessories, plugs, the responsible parts of the fittings. Popular is always a spectacular coating of shiny steel. If you want the crossbeam, baskets and holders to not stand out in their glitter in the classic interior, then it's better to buy a kitchen railing for matt chrome.

Railings for kitchen - brushed nickel

Satin and matte nickel are synonyms of the same color name for furniture fittings or facades. From matte chrome this coloring differs by a slight touch of yellowness. If you are not satisfied with the interior shiny polished railing for the kitchen, then matte accessories - the best option. They are less noticeable in the environment, they do not flatter, they are suitable for most styles. Brushed nickel will suit, as an admirer of a loft or high-tech , and a lover of calm classical conditions.

Railings for the kitchen - bronze

In mass production, rail systems for the kitchen of pure bronze are not produced because of the high cost of this metal. You can buy household appliances for your home that have acquired the desired color by applying a high-quality coating on the steel surface. Visually railing for home cooking antique bronze is not much different from the jewelry of the old masters, but they have high strength. On sale is a wide selection of stubs, holders and other accessories in the form of forged products from precious metal for antiquity.

Rails for kitchen in polished stainless steel

Grinded metal effectively stands out in the atmosphere, beautifully combined with most finishing materials - stone, glass, wood. In the interior of the rail to the kitchen stainless steel has long been used as a hygienic, durable and durable device for the home. Using different processing methods, manufacturers of facades and household utensils have learned to create on the metal surface several types of decorative textures.

Varieties of polishing stainless steel:

  1. Uniform grinding along the length of the sheets.
  2. Polished to a mirror finish.
  3. Circular grinding with brushes.
  4. Intentionally chaotic grinding in different directions - creates a small pattern, which is less visible scratches and prints.
  5. Grinding with elements of aging - artificial dents and wormholes.
  6. Grinding with aging elements for bronze and copper - the surface is covered with patterns with different shades.
  7. Grinding under a rough cast-iron plane.

Plastic rails in the kitchen

Products made of plastic for interior - a simple and cheap way to change the boring design. Polymers can easily be painted in any color, you can easily find rails for home cooking white, red, blue, light green, stylish products in beautiful patterns. Synthetic is inferior in strength to steel, so it is not recommended to heavily load this system. In everyday life, short plastic rods are used for hanging several light shelves or kitchen appliances.

How to hang rails in the kitchen?

The installation of vertical and horizontal bars has significant differences. The vertical stand is always thicker in diameter, it can be fastened to a spacer or with the help of other devices. The lower end of the pipe rests against the bar, table or floor of the room, and the upper one is fixed to the ceiling. Installation of rails in the kitchen of a hanging type is connected with a ceiling mount of a structure above a functional island or working area.

The order of installation of the railing system:

  1. Mark the mounting holes.
  2. We control the quality of markup by the building level.
  3. Drill holes, for ceramics we use drills with winning tips.
  4. We fix the bushings to the wall or ceiling with the help of dowels.
  5. Fix the supports with screws to the bushings.
  6. We fasten the pipes.
  7. For wall fixation of long pipes longer than 1 m, it is desirable to use additional intermediate supports.
  8. At the ends of the rod we put decorative caps.

At what height do you need to hang a rail in the kitchen?

Correctly installed railing systems for the kitchen should not interfere with the work of the hostess or the home appliances. Vertical racks it is advisable to put a headset in the corner. If you plan to use a ceiling mount design, you need to accurately calculate the distance, taking into account the growth of the person, so that the heads do not touch the pans suspended from the hooks. Too high fastening has its drawbacks, you have to put a stepladder each time to remove the necessary accessory or dishes.

The height of the railing installation in the kitchen of the horizontal type is calculated on the basis of the dimensions of its headset. The optimal distance is about 50 cm from the top edge of the table top. If you have hanging shelves in the room, then you should leave a gap of 7-8 cm from the top. Try not to damage the ceramic tiles with the fasteners, always consider the location of the seams when marking.