Melon during breastfeeding

Juicy and fragrant melon is traditionally present in the menu of most domestic families. But when the long-awaited baby appears, nursing mothers often have to seriously reconsider their diet. After all, the immature digestive tract of the baby is not yet able to digest and fully digest some of the substances that come with the mother's milk. Therefore, the question whether it is possible to eat a melon during breastfeeding remains open to mothers who adored this fruit before pregnancy. Consider what experts say about this.

Is the melon useful to nursing mothers?

This melon culture perfectly quenches thirst and serves as an excellent tonic. However, the use of melon during breastfeeding can cause a serious allergy in infants. Doctors have proved that the probability of this is significantly increased if the mother herself is an allergy sufferer with experience. Predisposition to this state is often inherited.

Do not forget that the melon is a real champion in the content of sugars, considered fast carbohydrates. Such substances can lead to severe fermentation in the still not fully formed stomach of the baby and cause colic and increased gas production. Therefore, experienced pediatricians, whose mothers are interested in whether it is permissible to eat melon during breastfeeding in the first month of the baby's life, usually respond negatively. Even if you adore this natural product, you should refrain from using it during the first three months of your child's life.

When the child has grown a little and you do not notice a pronounced allergic reaction to other vegetables and fruits, try gradually to return the melon to your menu. In this case, you should not completely abandon it. Melon feeding during breastfeeding is for the following reasons:

  1. This fruit is considered a real treasure trove of vitamins and microelements. He will become a reliable assistant in the fight against heart, liver and kidney disease, gout, rheumatism, and will also strengthen immunity. In addition, melon is rich in natural fiber and carotene, which makes it an indispensable element in the treatment of constipation and other bowel dysfunctions.
  2. To find out a few slices of melon is very useful for lactation, as it stimulates an intense tide of milk from the mother.
  3. Such a product promotes complete cleansing of the body and normalizes the work of the kidneys.

Rules for the use of melon

If you doubt whether it is possible to eat melon during breastfeeding, do not worry: if you follow certain rules, it is absolutely safe. First of all, start entering it into your menu with a small piece, which it is advisable to eat in the morning. If the child feels well and you do not see rashes on the skin, his stool has not changed, but his health has not worsened, the next day the nursing mother can treat herself with two servings of melon. The maximum allowable portion of the product at the end of the week is 3-4 slices.

Do not eat a melon on an empty stomach. Mom, suffering from gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, it is also better to give up this fruit. Melon is capable of provoking an aggravation of some serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. With diabetes, its use is strictly contraindicated.

Choosing a melon, a nursing mother should be especially careful. It is desirable that the surface of the fruit does not have chips and cracks, which often contain pathogenic bacteria. To buy a cut melon is also rather risky. If you still regale a melon shop and encounter such unpleasant phenomena as vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, - immediately take an absorbent preparation such as activated charcoal and call an ambulance.