Lily tattoo - the meaning

Today, body decoration with tattoos is becoming more popular, and not only among men, but among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Any image that is applied to the skin, can tell a lot about its owner, has a certain meaning, sometimes only led to its owner. For girls is typical to make tattoos of flowers, for example, lilies, that's the meaning of this tattoo, and we'll talk.

Meaning of tattoo lilies

Lily is considered a symbol of peace, tranquility, purity, innocence, pride, but the main significance of tattoo lily is nobility.

A tattoo of a yellow lily located, for example, on the arm, speaks of the arrogance and inaccessibility of its possessor. If a woman wants to show that she is a passionate nature, then usually the tattoo of the lily is done in dark tones, and if the girl wants to emphasize purity and fragility, then, on the contrary, in the light.

Very adorable and sexy looks like a pink lily tattoo on her side, talking about her tenderness, youth and vulnerability. However, before you can make a tattoo in this place, you should know that if you gain or, conversely, lose weight, the image may change, and will not look like before.

On the leg, you can make tattoos of several lilies located on the stem, this image will be a symbol of rebirth and spiritual immortality.

No matter how many positive values ​​the lily did not have, yet in medieval times it was the image of this flower that was made on the shoulder by women who were considered debauched. However, in our time, the tattoo of the lily on the shoulder does not have such a bad value, so many girls calmly put a tattoo on their shoulders.

The meaning of the heraldic lily tattoo

Heraldic lily is an unreal flower, having three petals, and symbolizing mercy and justice. It is believed that the heraldic lily was the invention of the French, because the images of such a flower were met in the 5th century on the arms and banners of France. However, the lily was used in both Palestine and the East, and was depicted on the royal seals of Italy.

Tattoo of the heraldic lily, as a rule, people who want to tell about their noble origin, about wealth, about recognition. Not surprisingly, having learned about the meaning of the heraldic lily, such a tattoo is preferred not only by women, but also by men.