Kim Kardashian dyed her hair black and pink

37-year-old telediv and businesswoman Kim Kardashian continues to please his fans with changes in appearance. This time it is about the color of hair, which surprised even the most daring fashionistas. Yesterday the paparazzi photographed Kim, when she was preparing to shoot a new collection of the brand Yeezy. And everything would be fine, if not for the black and pink hair on the head of the TV star.

Kim Kardashian

Kanye West made Kim and Paparazzi laugh

A new collection of Yeezy trademark, which belongs to Kanye West, was filmed near the airport building. While the crew was preparing a platform for a photo shoot, Kim decided to talk on the phone and went to wander around the airport building. It was at this moment that the paparazzi were caught by the TV channel and they were constantly following her. In order to somehow defuse the situation and give Kardashian a talk with the man, her husband Kanye came to help her. At first he was just walking next to Kim, and after he realized that the paparazzi would not leave his wife, he decided to do a little trick. He turned his back to the paparazzi and his face to the fence and pretended that he was fulfilling his need. This behavior caused a lot of laughter, not only from the side of reporters, but also from Kim.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

If we talk about the image in which Kardashian was immersed, then the surrounding people and journalists did not see anything supernatural. The woman was dressed in a light-colored sweatshirt, black trousers with a high fit, which she tucked into sharp-nosed boots of snake skin, and also in a light bulk sheepskin coat. As for make-up, the make-up was done with a focus on the eyes, but the hair color surprised quite a few. On his head, Kim could see black roots that turned into pink strands. Apparently, fashion designer Kanye West, whose collection will be represented by his wife, is trying to bring into fashion exactly this color palette.

The image of Kim from the back
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Kim Kardashian in a pink dress with frills

A few days ago a rather interesting photo appeared on the page in the Instagram of the TV star. On it Kim with platinum hair tried on herself an unexpected image: a long pink dress, which was sewn from a huge number of mesh laid in frills of different length. Many fans did not expect to see Kardashian in such a dress, which immediately dubbed this image "zephyr". Such a dress Kim would hardly wear in her daily life or on the red carpet, but to appear in the garden among interesting plants, thereby creating an unusual bow, quite in her spirit.