Karmic relationship

Human relationships, and especially between a man and a woman, could always be described as some kind of magic. Many people have heard such an expression as karmic relationships, but how to understand it and what it means, know the units. More and more skeptics begin to believe in non-random encounters and alliances, which are literally donated by fate. During life on the path of each one there are people and, perhaps, with some of them, a person had relationships in past incarnations.

Non-random encounters or karmic relationships

Most often, such links are based on unresolved problems, for example, resentment, fear, jealousy , etc. Simply put, the souls of people who could not solve some complicated situation, that is, did not put all the dots over the "and", in a new incarnation they again look for each other to finally figure things out. Interestingly, partners can change sex in a new life, as well as feelings for each other, which can vary from love to hate.

Signs of karmic relationships:

  1. Fatality . Often the connection between people can be called inevitable. As an example, you can give a love triangle or a relationship that goes from love to hate.
  2. Unexpectedness . Many relationships arise quite spontaneously, that sometimes between people there is absolutely nothing in common. Karmic relationships between men and women can also be defined in this situation: people know each other for a long time and only after a while they understand that they are in love. This situation makes it possible to find out how much they are dear to each other.
  3. A difficult situation . To date, it is often possible to meet couples in which a man or woman suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction. Also, this sign can be attributed to a relationship with a disabled person or the early death of a loved one. In fact, such relationships can not be called simple and at the karmic level, a person voluntarily agrees to them. Perhaps, fate has changed partners and we can say that in this way justice is restored.
  4. Fast . The development of karmic relationships often takes place in a short time. In a simple language, this is called love at first sight, when people do not need to get to know each other, to recognize each other, they are literally ready to go under the crown.
  5. Moving . Implies the change of residence after the formal registration of relations. Still it can be the beginning of a new stage in life or the dissolution of relations with relatives or friends.
  6. Absence of children in marriage . It represents an abrupt continuation of the genus, but partners have a chance to change the situation. A clear example of the adoption of a child, after which a woman suddenly finds out that she is pregnant.