Juice of fruit sumac - healing properties

Sumash is a shrub that grows on rocks and mountain slopes. The squeeze from this plant is often used to create various medicines, since the juice of the sumac fruit has a number of medicinal properties.

Properties of sumac juice

Squeeze of the fruit of this shrub contains many resins, vitamins C and K, tannins, this composition of the juice gives it anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal and diuretic properties. From the juice of the fruit of the bush funds are created from bronchitis, cystitis, arthritis, and it is also part of the means that can reduce the symptoms of colds, fever, intestinal colic struggling with beriberi. Such a component as a squeeze from the fruits of this plant can be found in preparations used to stop diarrhea and normalize intestinal microflora.

In folk medicine, the juice of the fruit of the bush also found its use, with its help our ancestors treated burns . Modern pharmacological companies also use this component to create tools that promote the fastest healing of tissue damaged by burns.

Specialists do not recommend taking funds from the plant to squeeze out people with certain diseases, as the juice of the sumac fruit has contraindications. Firstly, it helps to thicken the blood, so before taking medications you need to consult a doctor. Secondly, the juice of these fruits contains many acids, you should not use it for those who suffer from gastritis or stomach or bowel ulcers. The disease can worsen, the pain intensify, and instead of improving one's health, one can only worsen the situation. Thirdly, allergies should be cautious about the means with the juice of the fruit of the bush, they can provoke the appearance of allergic reactions.