Interesting facts about San Marino

San Marino is a tiny but very proud and independent state, as evidenced by its history and some facts of modern life. Repeatedly San Marino, whose area is only 60 square meters, was raided and attacked, but always defended its territory and independence. The full name of this country is Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino, which in Italian means the Most Serene Republic of San Marino.

The country is on the slope of the tri-headed Monte Titano and is surrounded by Italy from all sides. It consists of nine medieval fortresses with castles and ancient houses, in which almost the entire population of the country lives. From the mountains there are magnificent views, and in clear weather you can see even the Adriatic coast, to which a tunnel is built from the mountain 32 km away.

Fascinating information about San Marino

However, this not only attracts tourists here. San Marino has in store many more interesting facts that can surprise travelers. Here are some of them:

  1. San Marino is the most ancient state of Europe, preserved in its modern borders.
  2. The date of the founding of the country is 301, when, according to legend, the mason Marino settled near Mount Monte Titano. He fled from the island of Rab (today it is Croatia), fleeing persecution for his Christian convictions. Later, a monastery was created near his cell, and he himself was canonized during his lifetime.
  3. In San Marino, its chronology, which dates back to the founding of the state - September 3, 301. Therefore here only the beginning of the XVIII century.
  4. Surprisingly, the first constitution in the world was adopted in San Marino in 1600.
  5. The heads of state are two captains-regent, who are elected for a total of 6 months by the General Council. As a rule, one of them belongs to one of the honorable aristocratic families, and the second - the representative of the countryside. At the same time, both have the same veto power. These high positions are not paid.
  6. When Napoleon approached San Marino, he was so surprised by the existence of this small mountainous country that he immediately proposed signing a peace treaty and, in addition, wanted to give some of the surrounding lands as a present. The Sanmarins thought and, as a result, signed the peace treaty, and decided to refuse the gift.
  7. During the Second World War, San Marino residents granted asylum to more than 100,000 Italians and Jews, which exceeded the local population at that time by 10 times.
  8. The country has very low taxes, so it is attractive for life, the banking sector and doing business. At the same time, it is not easy to obtain the citizenship of the country: you must live in the republic for at least 30 years or in a legal marriage with a 15 year old Sanmarin.
  9. Most of the population - 80% - the indigenous inhabitants of San Marino, 19% - Italians. The official language is Italian. At the same time, native Sanmarinians take offense when they are called Italians, because they are very honored their independence.
  10. The country has no state debt, and even there is a budget surplus.
  11. Residents of San Marino have an annual income of 40% higher than residents of Italy.
  12. ΒΌ of the annual income of the country is brought by postage stamps, therefore local residents are very respectful of them.
  13. The armed forces of San Marino are up to 100 people, and there is no compulsory draft in the country.
  14. Since almost all the Sanmarin people know each other in one way or another, there is a possibility of prejudice in resolving disputes through the court. Therefore, if the dispute concerns really serious issues, Italian judges are invited to the country.
  15. The San Marino national football team only once won - in a friendly match with Liechtenstein with a score of 1: 0.
  16. Annually about 3 million tourists visit San Marino. At the entrance to the country there is no customs, on the contrary, on the road from Rimini (Italian resort) you will pass an arch with the inscription "Welcome to the Land of Freedom".
  17. San Marino has its own branded dessert "Three Mountains" - wafer layers, smeared with coffee cream and chocolate with hazelnuts.