Mountains of Sweden

Sweden is a country that does not go for beach rest and bright sun. But it can safely be called the queen of the mountains, because of something, and there are a lot of them.

What are the mountains in Sweden?

The list of the most famous mountains of Sweden, whose height exceeds the mark of 2000 m, is presented below:

  1. Kebnekaise (Kebnekaise) - the highest mountain in Sweden, located in Lapland, near the Arctic Circle. Kebnecaise consists of 2 peaks: the southern - with a height of 2106 m and the northern - 2097 m. Tourists like this place for the many routes laid to the top. Currently, the height of the southern peak is gradually decreasing due to the melting of the ice with which it is covered.
  2. Sarekchokko (Sarektjåkkå) is the second highest mountain in Sweden. It is located in the Norrbotten region, in the Sarek National Park . The mountain consists of 4 peaks (Sturtoppen-2089 m, Nurdtoppen - 2056 m, Sidtoppen - 2023 m and Bukttoppen - 2010 m). Climbing the summit of Sarechkokko is considered one of the longest and most difficult routes in the country.
  3. Kaskasapakte is the top of the top three of the highest mountains in Sweden. Its height is 2,043 m. The mountain is located in Lapland, near Kebnecaise. The foot of the Cascasapakte is decorated with the glacial lake Tarfala.
  4. Akka (Akka) is a mountain peak located in the commune Jokmokk. It is part of the Stora-Shefallet National Park . The highest point of the mountain is at around 2015 m above sea level. The residents of Lapland Akka was considered a sacred place, about which many legends are composed. Near the mountain is the largest reservoir of the country - Akkavre.

Tourism enthusiasts often wonder whether there are volcanoes in Sweden. The answer is this: despite the many mountains, high and not very high, there are no volcanoes on the territory of the country.