Icelandic moss from cough

Lichen with the exotic name "cetrarium" has been used in medicine for more than 400 years. Traditional healers use Icelandic moss from cough due to its unique anti-inflammatory and enveloping properties, allowing to soften an unpleasant symptom, eliminate irritation and respiratory tract cramps, facilitate expectoration and excretion of sputum.

Application of Icelandic moss with cough

Today the dried cetrarium is freely sold in pharmacy chains with detailed instructions on its brewing.

The healing properties of Icelandic moss allow using cough recipes for a long time. Vegetable raw materials are absolutely safe and not addictive, has few contraindications and side effects (only allergic reactions). Due to this, drugs with cetrarium can be drunk for 2.5-3 weeks, until respiratory activity is fully restored.

Before the start of therapy it is important to make sure that there are no such diseases as gastritis with high acidity of the secreted juice and stomach ulcer. Also described plant is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

How to brew Icelandic moss from a cough?

According to the recommendations in the instructions, it is very easy to prepare medicines from cetrarium.

Recipe for a drink from a cough


Preparation and use

Boil in the selected liquid cetrarium for 5 minutes. Cool and drain the solution. Drink 0.5 cup of the medicine along with the meal, 3 times a day. Continue the course for 14-20 days. If desired, it is allowed to add a little sugar or honey to the product, since the taste of the finished drink is not very pleasant.

Syrup and pills for cough with Icelandic moss

If you do not want to prepare medicines yourself, you can buy pharmacological drugs in a pharmacy. In addition, they have better taste qualities compared to home decoction.

The most popular manufacturer of syrup with cetrarium is the company KRKA, which produces the drug Herbion. Inexpensive variants of such a medicine are made by the Czech firm Dr. Müller Pharma, as well as Russian companies - Ekos, Marislavna and others.

The most convenient form for the reception of Icelandic moss are tablets and troches for resorption: