How to remove the handle from the wallpaper - the secrets of removing ink from a different type of wallpaper

Children are very fond of drawing and often the result of their artistic activities can be seen on the walls. There are several ways to remove the handle from the wallpaper, which must be selected according to the quality of the coating and the nature of the contaminants themselves.

How to clean the wallpaper from the handle?

When selecting the cleaning agent, you must necessarily take into account the texture and quality of the wallpaper, since the funds that are suitable for washing wallpaper are strictly forbidden to use for paper finishing. The instructions on how to remove the handle from the wallpaper indicate that it is important to try to start removing the "art" as quickly as possible, since it is so much easier to get a good one than in the case of old contaminants.

Than to erase the handle from the wallpaper non-woven?

You can use the ink removal tools described below, but if they did not work, then use the "secret weapon". If you are interested, then wash the handle with non-woven wallpaper , then be guided by this instruction:

  1. Prepare ammonia or denatured alcohol. It is recommended to wear gloves to protect your hands.
  2. Moisten the sponge or cotton pad in the ammonia and apply to the contamination site. Hold it for 5 minutes to remove the strips.

How to wipe the pen off the paper wallpaper?

To damage the surface of paper wallpaper is the easiest, so it is important to clean as carefully as possible. In no case can not wash paper, so only dry cleaning should be used. Use the following methods to remove the handle from the wallpaper:

  1. To vinegar 70% add manganese to make a pink solution. Wet a sponge in it and walk along the polluted area. After 10 minutes. The handle should disappear, but the pink spot will remain. To remove it, use hydrogen peroxide.
  2. For white wallpapers, toothpaste without dyes is suitable. Press it on the brush and gently rub the problem area. Remove the rest of the paste with a cloth. For wallpaper with a picture, choose ammonia spirit.

How to wipe the handle off the vinyl wallpaper?

In addition to the means described above and below, you can use to remove contaminants and laundry soap. Describing what can be cleaned off the handle from vinyl wallpaper , it is worth noting, it is important that the surface is not strongly soaked, as the coating can deteriorate. Follow these instructions:

  1. Grind the laundry soap and add to the shavings a little warm water. In the end, you should get a soapy solution.
  2. Using a sponge, apply it to the marks from the handle on the wallpaper. It is important not to make sudden movements, so as not to damage the surface.
  3. Remains of soapy solution remove with a damp napkin, and then wipe dry. If the traces remain, then repeat the procedure.

How to wipe the handle off the washable wallpaper?

In this case, you can use different means, since such a coating is not afraid of moisture. There are such effective methods as to erase the handle from the wallpaper without a trace:

  1. To remove ink, it is necessary to add a little dishwashing detergent into the water. Wetting the sponge in the prepared product, handle the problem areas. Repeat the procedure until the desired result is achieved.
  2. Describing how to remove the handle from the wallpaper, one should mention another effective method, implying the use of lemon or citric acid. Squeeze the juice from a half-lemon, moisten the cotton swab in it and process the strips from the handle. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Than you can wash the handle off the wallpaper?

Painted wallpaper - this is not an excuse to go to the building store, because there are many proven folk ways of cleaning. Finding out how to wash the paste off the handle from the wallpaper, it is worth mentioning such tools:

  1. To remove ink on the wallpaper, you can take an eraser that has two sides. Rub the spots with the side intended for the handles. It is important to do everything carefully so that the white "bald patches" do not remain.
  2. It will help in cleaning the wallpaper melamine sponge, which need to rub the strip, but only without much effort, so as not to tear the wallpaper. This method will only be effective for fresh spots.
  3. Remove the ink by using a crumb of white bread, which must be fresh. Press the crumb to ink spots. It is important to use this method only on fresh contaminants.
  4. Preheat fresh milk and apply it with a cotton swab on the ink lines. Allow the liquid to dry and make sure the ink is gone.
  5. There is a tool that is suitable only for white wallpapers - "Whiteness". Be sure to put on your hands gloves. Mix the product with water in a 1: 5 ratio. In the finished solution, moisten the sponge, wring it out and treat the soiled areas to remove stains. The ink starts to depart almost immediately.
  6. Surprisingly, the problem of shaving foam, which should be applied to the ink and left to dry, will help with the problem. After that, wipe off everything with a damp sponge.

How to clean the wallpaper from a ballpoint pen?

To achieve good results, you can apply not only the cleaning methods described above, but also such options:

  1. Interested in how to remove the ballpoint pen from the wallpaper, then get a liquid to remove the varnish, but it should not have acetone. Apply the product with cotton buds only on strips. If the first time the desired result is not, then repeat the procedure.
  2. Take 100 ml of water and add to it 10 grams of oxalic acid and citric acid. In the prepared solution, moisten the sponge and treat the contaminated area.

How to remove ink from the pen?

The stains left from the ink refer to the hard-to-remove group, so you should start cleaning as soon as possible. There are several ways to remove the handle from the wallpaper:

  1. If you see stains on the wallpaper from the ink, then pick up the iron. Set the mode to it without steam. Attach a white sheet of paper to the wall and iron it from above. As a result, the ink must be absorbed into the paper, leaving behind a clean wallpaper.
  2. There is an unusual way of fighting and for him you need to boil an egg hard-boiled. Clean it and cut into halves. Attach one piece of yolk to the wallpaper and wait a few minutes for the ink to absorb. After that, wipe the wall with a damp cloth.

How to wash the gel pen off the wallpaper?

If the stains are left from the gel pen, you can safely use the methods presented above, but there are several new recipes:

  1. Look for how to erase the paste from the handle from the wallpaper, then take a small amount of starch and add a little water to it, so that the result is a gruel. It should be distributed to the contaminated areas with a cotton disc. Remains should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  2. Good results in cleaning can be obtained using salt, but in a dry form it is not applied, since liquid is needed. You can mix it with water, but it is better to take hydrochloric acid. If you are interested in how quickly remove the handle from the wallpaper, then take 200 ml of water and add 1 st. a spoonful of hydrochloric acid and 1 teaspoon of table salt. Stir and apply the finished solution with a brush or sponge on the marks from the handle. Wait until the dirt has gone, and then remove the residues with a damp cloth.