Half-sunny skirt in the floor

The skirt of a half-sun is a very beautiful and feminine style of clothing. Particularly compelling, this cut looks in the long models. Such skirts give the gait a flying effect, and the whole image is slender and graceful. Today, designers offer a fairly large selection of stylish models. And the most popular are such skirts half-sun in the floor:

  1. Skirt of a half-sun in the floor with a smell . Very interesting and original long models of wide cut look with a clasp for the smell. When walking, this skirt opens the slender legs, making the image light and airy. Scented models are ideal for the summer season.
  2. The skirt is half-sunny in the floor on the elastic band . The most convenient are models without fasteners. In this version, stylish long skirts are presented on an elastic band. Designers offer a semi-sun in a floor with a wide or narrow belt. But in any case, a beautiful piece of clothing delicately emphasizes the waist.

Dress with a half-sunny skirt in the floor

In addition to the long skirts, the hem of the sun is also presented in stylish models of dresses in the floor. A wide cut adds to the styles in the classic, Kazhual and evening style. Sunglasses especially emphasize the femininity of their possessor. The original addition of a stylish style can be an elegant sleeve-flashlight, turn-down collar, square neckline. These finishes are perfectly matched with a beautiful hem. The coquette of dresses is always made in a tight cut that in an ensemble with a flying skirt puts an emphasis on the waist.

Dresses with a skirt half sun in the floor look elegantly and concisely at the same time. Therefore, designers adhere to more restrained colors. Lovers of beautiful prints the actual choice will be a floral abstraction throughout the product.