How to learn to do a somersault?

Now, when in the fashion of parkour , extreme sports, modern dances and various tricks, the question of how to learn to do a somersault is very relevant. This beautiful, but rather complicated trick is a leap with a somersault in the air. You can learn different techniques, such as a back and forth somersault, as well as an Arabic somersault, it's hard to learn how to do it, but it's possible.

How to quickly learn to do a somersault?

The word "fast" in this case has a relative value: if your muscles are developed, you have been friends with sports for a long time and you have strong legs, then you know how to twist the flip and for you it is not a problem. If the desire to learn an acrobatic trick became your first sporting goal, and before that you did not develop your body, you will first have to sweat in the gym to strengthen the muscles.

For the unprepared, it is important to consistently go through all the stages, otherwise the risk is high that the first attempt to make a somersault will end very badly. But you want to learn the trick, and not lie in the hospital. For preparation it is necessary to use the following scheme:

Only when all the muscles come to tone, and the legs are strong enough to push the body up to the desired height, you can go to training. Do not forget that to perform a somersault you will need a trained vestibular apparatus. Learn to start a rack or walking on your hands.

How to learn to do a somersault at home: the beginning of the beginning

Training the trick for those who have developed muscles, begins with daily somersaults back and forth. You have to learn the right grouping and sharpen every movement to automatism: when the body remembers this, it will be much easier for you to repeat the same thing in the air.

For those who skipped physical education, we recall the rules of the somersault:

The somersault is done in a similar way, but from the squatting position. It is important to round your back and group yourself during the exercise.

How to learn how to do a somersault?

After mastering the somersaults, you need to carefully begin to try flip flops in the air, pre-laying several thick blankets or mats on the floor, if you are engaged in the hall. The technique is very simple:

If only you are not a hereditary acrobat of the famous circus, it is unlikely that you will succeed the first time. But regular attempts will lead you to the goal! The back flip is performed similarly. However, the somersault will be in the opposite direction.

How to learn to do an Arabian somersault?

The navigators and all those who already know how to learn to jump somersaults call the Arabian version the simplest.

  1. Go, passing on jumps from the left and right legs.
  2. Perform a reference jump, while turning the body 90 degrees to the right side.
  3. Pick up the legs behind your knees - this will help perform the "scrolling".
  4. After this, it is necessary to open and land - it is important to learn how to do this on the toes.

Since learning how to perform a side somersault, according to reviews, is very simple, you can try it after mastering the classic options.