How to get your hair color back?

The desire to color and cardinally change the appearance is impulsive and rash. In addition, sometimes the results of the procedure are far from the desired goals. Therefore, after some time, women begin to look for ways to regain their hair color. Despite the abundance of modern cosmetic products that allow this, you will have to be patient - it's impossible to restore the natural shade instantly.

How quickly to return your natural hair color after dyeing in a darker tone?

Perhaps this is the most difficult task. Just grow the curls will not work, because the roots of the natural shade will contrast too much with the main mass of strands, and look like a bald patch.

The only effective method, how to return the former light hair color, is to use professional hairdressing wipes. Recommended brands:

Of course, for 1 time it will not be possible to restore the shade of strands. It will take 2-3 procedures with a break at least 2-3 weeks to avoid brittleness, hair loss, and their damage was minimal.

At home, you can try to apply a strand of yogurt or a solution of lemon juice with water (1: 5) for 1-1,5 hours. These funds also contribute to the washing out of the pigment.

How to return your hair color after blonding or lightening?

It's a little easier to become a brunette again. In this case it is important to choose the right paint.

After the curls at the roots grow 1-2 cm, you should buy a pigmenting agent that is closest to the natural color of the hair. In this case, you should avoid any paints of light brown tone, because as a result they give a greenish tinge. Stylists recommend the use of ash colors, mixed with a purple proofreader, which enhances saturation, compensates for the lack of pigment in the hair.

It is worth noting that to return the natural tone of the locks at once does not work. It will take 2 or 3 procedures of reverse staining and permanent correction until your own hair is will grow to the desired length, since with discolored strands, even a very high-quality pigment is gradually washed off.

How to return your hair color after melioration?

This situation is considered to be the simplest solution to the problem. It is not necessary to completely paint the highlight in a natural shade. Hairdressers are advised to make coloring or use a pigment composition that is slightly lighter than natural color. This will ensure a simultaneous return to their tone of hair and giving them shine, as well as flow and volume due to soft transitions from one shade to another.