Proper hair care

In today's world, there are many factors that have a very negative effect on the beauty and health of our hair. These factors include: adverse environmental conditions, malnutrition, passive lifestyle, stress and weather. Unfortunately, almost no one is immune from this impact, but I want so that hair is always healthy and strong! Experts have proved that only systematic and proper hair care is able to ensure their health. Not all women have the opportunity to regularly visit a beauty salon, so quality hair care must be provided at home. In this article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with effective hair care recipes suitable for girls, girls and women.

Recipes for the care of damaged hair

Damaged hair is a sign that something is going wrong in the body. In most cases, hair is severely damaged after painting or perm. In this regard, care for natural, not colored hair is more simple. The lack of vitamins, proteins, nutrients, stress, also, instantly affect the appearance of our hair. Care for damaged and split hair should be regular and gentle. The basic rules for caring for damaged hair look like this:

Hair care in winter

Winter time is the most unfavorable for our hair. Wind, cold, hats and dampness can make hair weaker and thinner. Therefore, winter hair care should be more thorough. We offer several secrets of proper hair care in winter:

With hair care, you can use a variety of calendars. With the help of the lunar calendar, you can determine the optimal days for cutting. It is known that the hair, trimmed on the growing moon, grows faster than the hair trimmed on the waning moon. Also, there is a special calendar of hair care, thanks to which, depending on the season, you can find the best means to strengthen or stimulate hair growth.