Slanting bangs - the best options for haircuts and hairstyles for any type of face

A small detail of the haircut can completely change its appearance and significantly affect the whole image. The oblique or asymmetrical bangs are universal, because it fits all types of face. Depending on the shape and length, this hairstyle element helps to hide some defects and emphasize beneficial features.

How to cut your bangs on your own?

If there is no desire or opportunity to go to a professional, the image is easy to change at home. The oblique fringe on the side is easy to carry out, to create it you need a minimal set of tools:

Long bangs on the side

The proposed version of the details of the hairstyle will suit women with nonideal face shape. A slanting and broad fringe on the side will help to disguise and visually correct:

How the lengthened bangs on the side are cut:

  1. Separate the front oblique strand so that the parting has the shape of a triangle. It is good to comb it with a frequent crest.
  2. Keeping the future oblique forehead with the index and middle finger, "try on" it and determine the desired length.
  3. Without releasing the oblique strand from the hand, move the hair forward at eye level. Start cutting the curl, hold the scissors vertically (perpendicular to the cut line).
  4. Continue to cut the "fence", gradually increasing the length left.
  5. The cut line must be oblique (diagonal).
  6. Comb and arrange the bangs. Fix it.

Short bangs on the side

The bold type of the hairstyle described here goes more to women with an oval face, emphasizing its ideal outlines. A short oblique fringe is sometimes recommended to the owner of a narrow chin and large forehead. With its help you can:

How to do a short woman's bang on the side:

  1. Slightly wet hair and comb them thoroughly forward. While holding the oblique strand with your hand, start cutting it from the longest end.
  2. Shorten the bangs, pointing the scissors with the index and middle finger on the scythe.
  3. Moving diagonally, cut off the short side of the curl.
  4. Profil the oblique strand, holding the scissors vertically.
  5. Dry hair and lay.

Slanting torn bangs on the side

"Air" thinned strands add a lightness to the image, so hairdressers use them mainly to soften angular and rough facial features. The oblique bangs are made only for perfectly straight hair. On hard curls or waves, its graded structure is almost invisible, and the curls will look sloppy and "bitten".

As the torn bangs on the side are squashed (oblique):

  1. Select the front strand, comb it with a comb with thin and frequent teeth.
  2. Divide the future oblique or diagonal bangs into the upper and lower layers.
  3. Each of them should be cut, holding scissors perpendicular to the cut line. In this case, the "fence" should be pronounced, so it is necessary to shorten the thin sections to different lengths (alternately - more, less). So it turns out carefully profiled slant strand.
  4. Comb the curl forward and give it the desired shape.
  5. Put the oblique strand.

Haircuts with a bang on the side

The proposed element is in harmony with most types of hairstyles, emphasizes their complex geometry and layers. Hairdressers often combine contrasting combinations - a short haircut with a long bang on the side or long curls with an oblique front strand at the middle of the forehead. It not only looks stylish and effective, but also provides a visual correction of the face shape.

Haircuts with oblique bangs on short hair

The most popular version of the current season is a classic bean up to the middle of the ear. This short haircut with a long bangs on the side, cut by a scythe, looks very elegant and feminine. Bob with such additional detail can be worn in any image. Smooth strands and oblique, neatly straightened bangs are ideal for business ladies and adherents of the glamorous style. Ruffled, chaotically laid locks will complement the youth and grunge image .

There are other spectacular short haircuts with a bang on the side and an oblique cut line:

Slanting bangs on medium hair

The described level of strands perfectly harmonizes with the element of the hairstyle in question. Trend variation - an elongated square with a bang on the side and a slant along the oblique. It looks great on women with a round and square face, because it softens the massive features and smoothes the corners. Similarly, in demand and the classic square with a bang on the side. The oblique detail of the haircut gives the image a mystery and femininity, accentuates attention to the eyes and lips.

Other hairstyles, well combined with an asymmetrical bang:

Slanting bangs on long hair

Curls below the shoulders will only adorn the proposed detail of the haircut. If it is at the level of the earlobes or chin, an asymmetric strand will serve as a beautiful framing for the face. A short oblique bangs on the side to long hair due to contrast will emphasize the splendor of the braid. Additionally, it will adjust the shape of the face, bring it closer to the perfect oval.

The bangs on the side for long hair cut off on an oblique line, perfectly approaches to the following hairstyles:

How beautiful to put a bang on its side?

There are many ways to place the presented hairstyle element, it is important to choose a variation suitable for the type of hair and face. A versatile and simple method, how to lay a bang on its side, if it is oblong and oblique:

  1. Soak the strand and dry it with a hair dryer, holding it to the side opposite to the future position. This helps to give the oblique bangs the basal volume.
  1. With brashing and a hairdryer, it's good to twist a curl at the base, wrapping it inside.
  1. Continue to twist the tips.
  1. Similarly, give the curl a shape, but pointing its ends up. Hold the strand in the direction where the oblique bangs will be after laying.
  1. Secure the position of hair with a hairdryer.
  1. Sprinkle the slanting strand with varnish.
  1. While the fixing agent has not dried up yet, finish the correction with the fingers.

Hairstyles with a bang on the side

This oblique detail of the haircut looks chic with complex festive and everyday styling. High hairstyles with a long bangs on the side look elegant and simultaneously romantic. They visually make a woman younger, give the image freshness. If the front strand is slightly twisted, the stitching will become careless, with a hint of natural naturalness and immediacy.

Slanting asymmetrical bangs perfectly combined with different weaves and harnesses. It emphasizes the graceful curves of the hair, serves as a kind of background for them, especially if straightened with ironing. The bangs can also be partially braided or gently pricked behind the ear, having previously twisted the oblique strand with a spiral. So it will not bother or interfere, while updating its image in parallel.